Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Dumb Stupid Prairie Wind

I am pouting this morning....pouting like a 2 year old!  haha The reason:  my plan to arise uber early this morning to spray weeds before the wind came up has come to nought.

It has been howling since about 5am and is getting worse all the time.  Trying to spray in this would result in me inhaling and swallowing more spray than would land on the weeds! And the neighbours may discover their own plants are dying as a result of blowback...wouldn't that make me popular, eh?? haha  Wow, what a windy day.  Apparently it is to herald rain in another day or 2.  Ooh, it would have been so perfect to spray today, let it percolate and then have the rain come at the right time to wash the dregs of the spray down into the roots. Sigh.....

But, as my husband so wisely (snidely?) told me: you can't ever predict with farming. haha

Yesterday a friend with a new small plane flew up here from Calgary, all excited to show us his new purchase, but the wind was so bad when he arrived he couldn't land! So he turned around and went home without seeing us at all.  Now THAT is prairie wind!

And I have thought for years that planes stayed in the air because of me pulling upward on my seat for the duration of my flights...but really it is hurricane force winds. Who knew???  Maybe this knowledge will help me to relax my grip on the seat next time I fly.

Or not.......

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