Friday, May 18, 2012

Happy News At Last!!

Just got a phone call from the son!  He is leaving for college in about 3 weeks but is getting all the To Do's knocked off his list one by one.

The good news today is that his finances have completely come together now, he got at least a bit of student loan approved as of today, and he has sublet his apt. for the entire time he will be away. What a huge relief that is.  

He also was able to take on an animation design project for an event in his city that will be good advertising for his work, and also net him some extra cash.  This will tickle his little workaholic heart.  Unfortunately the event where his work is being featured will be occurring after he has left for school, but how lovely to be asked and to be able to squeeze in time do the work.

I really needed an emotional boost today and am so grateful to have one. Nothing makes me happier than other peoples' good news! YAY!!  Congratulations son, the path set before you is clear.

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