Thursday, May 17, 2012

Hearty Prairie Plants

Just before midnight we had a tremendous wind arise from the west.  The force of the wind here always amazes me and last night was no exception. I was certain we were going to have a small tornado pass through the area. The trees were bending low, the house was creaking more than I have ever heard it, black dirt was blowing down the street.

This morning I woke up wondering what kind of damage I would survey outside.  There is virtually none!  A few small twigs and short, narrow branches are apparent on the lawn, nothing serious, really very few of them.  I looked up and down the street and there is no sign of damage from the wind anywhere to be found around here.  A few more shingles are down from the rotting roof on our church.  That's about it.

The best sight when I opened the front door was the nanking cherry bush.  There are a few flower petals on the ground, but I expected it to be buck naked by this morning.  At the moment it appears the wind barely effected it.  The blossoms are teeny and delicate, mild pink, only a shade darker than a Japanese cherry blossom, and  covering nearly the full length of each branch.  AND they are still there this morning despite the huge gusts of wind that continued for most of the night.

While my husband and I were preparing for a possible run to the church basement for protection from a tornado, the trees and bushes and their beautiful spring flowers survived as though very little had happened during the night. Wow!! These plants are tough breeds!

Just like the local human population, they have survived a lot of set backs and have come out still blooming on the other side.

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