Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I Think That I Shall Never See a Sight as Scary as a Bee!

Today when I was mowing the front lawn I was rejoicing at the beautiful pink flowers presently covering the giant nanking cherry bush near our front door.

It was more difficult to rejoice as my mower and I neared the bush and realized it was bursting with honey bees: another reminder that I can't let this spring and summer go by without purchasing an adrenaline kit in case I get stung.  Last year it was an over abundance of wasps that had the entire town moving about outside in fear and trepidation.

I am grateful that honey bees die when they sting because it makes them far more cautious, far more prudent about who poses a large enough threat to give their lives for. I was all around that tree cutting lawn, close enough for the ends of the branches to rub against my arms, but none of the bees acted threatened nor took to dive bombing me to chase me off. But still, despite their apparent understanding of my lack of threat, sometime one of them could get carried away trying to protect the rest of them and stick it to me!!

Wasps are another matter. They sting randomly and too often for no apparent reason......are they like humans who bang their heads repeatedly against a wall because it feels so good when they stop? Are they just showing off for the surrounding bees? "Nyaa nyaa, we can sting and still live and you can't. Nyaa nyaa!"  Whatever it is I fear them the most of any outdoor buzzy creature.

Today I got my first mosquito bite but no serious allergic reactions to be concerned about there.......only West Nile Virus...piece o' cake!

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