Friday, May 11, 2012

Interesting Hospital Visitor

My Father brings a certain amount of flair with him everywhere he goes.  When he came to visit my newborn son for the first time he brought more than that!

The week prior to my son's birth my dad fell out of his apple tree mid pruning.  He sprained both legs and so was in a wheelchair for several weeks to recover.

A few days after his grandson was born he coerced a friend into packing up himself, the wheelchair and my mom, and the friend drove them up from the city to our little town.

Mom wheeled Dad into the hospital, a blanket over his legs, looking like one of the extendicare patients, obviously in pain.  She wheeled him to the triage station where dad asked one of the nurses if she could please direct him to maternity.

She looked him up and down, taking in the wheelchair, the blanket, the pained face and the fact that he is male.   

"Maternity???  Buddy, you had better have a damned good reason!!!"

And thus did the nursing staff meet my family.......

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