Thursday, May 31, 2012

Just Gimme a Minute, Okay?

Well, the first round of downtown chores are done and now some inside work begins.  

BUT FIRST I need to stop shaking.  I got a late start on the grocery shopping chore so my husband told me to just call today a dietary cheat day and pick up burgers on the way home for our late lunch.  Going to the drive-through timed me for a set of events that happens regularly I suppose to most of us, but throws me for a loop every time.

I handled the usual Pot Hole Rodeo across town to the fast food restaurant okay......missed every one of the "leedle boogers" as a dear French Canadian friend likes to call them. So I was feeling pretty good about that.  Not going to be me who ruins a brand new and very expensive car repair by driving into the local road craters.

Coming back though was a bit of a nightmare.  I was driving behind a car full of younger teens, a newly licensed driver I am guessing by the apparent age of the fellow behind the wheel. As we both started rounding a corner he suddenly slammed on the brakes as hard as possible, jerked to a complete stop, and he and his passengers proceeded to do The Wave before driving on.  I am quite certain by the body language that not one of them, including the driver, had any idea there was a car directly behind them. Thank the Lord I have always been trained not to follow too closely behind another vehicle or there would have been a bad collision.  As it was, I also slammed on my brakes as hard as possible, front end of my car around the corner and back end sticking out into the traffic behind me. Fortunately the car behind me that was not turning had a driver who saw what had happened and was able to swerve to avoid hitting my back end.  Aaaargh.....

The worst part of that event turned out to be the 2 bags of groceries and the bag of fast food that all fell forward with a thud onto the floor.  Fortunately none of the groceries sustained any leaking milk cartons nor smushed pounds of butter. Unfortunately when the fast food bag landed on the floor it opened completely up and both cartons of french fries tipped and scattered their contents all over the carpet.  Sigh........yes, the dirty mats that our filthy shoes rest on after they hop, skip and jump around the mud in the alley behind our garage.  I looked at the fries sitting there in the filth, fought the urge to bang my forehead on the steering wheel, and pulled over to the curb.  I at first assumed they would have to be tossed out in the garbage at home, but then I remembered what I had just paid for these wizened up, greasy little potatoes and decided that if I lived in a developing nation, or was a street person who had to dumpster dive behind restaurants in order to eat, a little dirt or gritty sand wouldn't be enough to discourage me from eating them.  I scooped them up, blew them off, and tossed them back into the cartons.  What the heck!

At the next corner there is a 4 way stop. People here are very good about 4 way stops for the most part. There isn't much cheating and proceeding out of turn.  I saw the vehicle that was going to get there just ahead of me, a huge SUV, and saw it signalling to turn left in front of me.  I stopped as I am supposed to and that is most fortunate because the SUV didn't do more than a bit of a slow down. Stop sign?  What stop sign?  Following the SUV were 2 teens on bicycles.  Not only didn't they stop, they provided me with their own set of hand signals to let me know I had better not run them down.  Sigh.....

As soon as the intersection cleared I crawled through.  At the following intersection there was a vehicle stopping for a red light ahead of me and the driver was signalling for a left hand turn.  I came up behind him and started to pull up beside him on his right hand side so that I could make a right hand turn.  Just as I began to pull in beside him he suddenly whipped over to the right and flew around the corner, left signal light still blinking, just missing my front bumper by an inch.  The shaking started right about this time.

I got myself around the corner and headed for home. One more turn.....left turn, and right into a brand new pot hole I had never seen before.  Fortunately it would seem I didn't dislodge this morning's new tire balance.  Aiiii yiiiii.........

Some days are like this.  When Dell asked me why his fries were gritty I told him to pretend he was back in India!!

Thanks for "listening".  Now I feel better.  

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Heidi said...

Yikes, what a day!! Hope you don't have another one of those anytime soon!