Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Monday and Tuesday....Back on Track

Life settled down once we got through the weekend, thank goodness!!  

Monday was delightful.

Dell had a 12 hour sleep that left him quite refreshed.  We made no plans for Monday other than taking  up on a surprise opportunity to have dinner with a couple we were only just getting to know when we left Moose Jaw 2 years ago.  I met him while he was still driving city transit bus and got to know him through the wonderful photos he takes.  Getting to know him and his wife as friends has been a bonus blessing we are most grateful for.  They are a lot of fun! Hugs all around and then a presentation to us of 3 wonderful large photos: one of the local river park walkway taken in the previous morning's mist, a black and white of the church Dell helped renovate before we left Moose Jaw that Dell is delighted with, and a beautiful photo of the  heritage site at  St. Columba Anglican church near Buffalo Pound Lake. What an unexpected delight!  

Prior to dinner we had a most relaxing day.  Dell drove out to the seminary at Caronport in the morning to do some research while I breakfasted with a best buddy.  In the afternoon we enjoyed clothes shopping for Dell, visiting a friend who operates a book store, and then a wonderful taste tour of a new balsamic vinegar and olive oil shop.  Yes, just had to buy a couple of bottles of vinegar; one a 25 year old vinegar with a dark brooding bite that will be wonderful on radiccio and other more bitter tasting veggies, the other a light white vinegar perfect for fruit salads and lighter lettuces.  YUM!

How delightful to be able to have a full day together with the only committments being fun ones!!  And in a big enough centre to get out and do things that most people in bigger centres take for granted. We had a wonderful day! The stresses of the previous 3 days began to fade.

Tuesday Dell had to return to Regina for a clergy day he thoroughly enjoyed while I met a friend for early breakfast and then spent the rest of the day window shopping and visiting bus rider friends from our former days in Moose Jaw.  I used my cane and managed to spend nearly 8 hours wandering about amusing myself.  It was relaxing and refreshing and fun!  Splurged on an outfit that actually fits me.  (I have lost a few applause necessary......oh well, if you must....)

We had a relaxed snack for dinner and got home just as it was turning dark.  The light conditions were perfect for my eyes for a change and I drove most of the way while Dell "happy napped" and chattered away in between dozes.  

Today reality returned along with Dell's job as he raced out early this morning to do Bible study at the seniors' manor.  This afternoon he will catch up on emails and administration for the church and then tonight prepare his final notes and assignments to email to his weekend students.  But reality arrived happily this time.  We had time away, truly away. We rested and laughed and talked and met with many dear friends.  This past 5 days will carry us forward with joy.

Thank you God for this past few days, warts and all. 


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