Friday, May 18, 2012

More Bad News for the Local Retail Sector

As you can tell from my morning posts I am feeling pretty sad today.....losing Jill from our lives is a real blow and I can't seem to stop crying for her husband and family.  Going into the post office and other downtown businesses this morning and seeing her funeral card posted in all of them gave me a strong sense of loss, not only personally, but for our town and church community. Jill was the best example I have ever seen as far as being a ministry helpmeet for her husband.

Anyway, I decided to walk off my sadness by going for my first walk downtown and back since November.  It felt so good to be outside on my own, going wherever I wanted to go with only some swelling of my ankle to show for it.  The sky is very overcast, a few drops of rain sprinkle down every few minutes, the temperatures are coolish....a perfect day for me to be out walking.  I took myself out for lunch and was gone for 2 hours. It was lovely. 

The humidity brings out the smell of the newly blooming lilacs and although that really bothers my allergies it smelled terrific today. Achoooooo!!!  I brushed my hand against one of the blossoming branches and although I washed my hands thoroughly when I got home, the odor has remained.  So I am alternately grinning with joy about the new birth of spring flowers and sneezing like a maniac.  

Went into the dollar store to pick up a couple of things and found out that, after over 8 months of attempting to sell the store, there has been no sale and so the store will simply close out next month.  Another gaping hole is appearing in the downtown retail business sector.   How tough of shape is a town in when a large successful dollar store has no buyers???

Unlike some towns, we cannot blame an influx of new businesses along the highway for the declining retail opportunities downtown.  Even one of the major highway stores closed down last year and the mall out there has very few stores left in it. It started losing stores about 3 years ago and the trend has continued.

The future here is going to be interesting indeed.  Hopefully there will be better news coming soon to our town and area. 

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