Thursday, May 17, 2012

Prayer Update and an Urgent Request

For my prayer warrior readers:  this morning we received an urgent request for prayer for the local Alliance minister's wife, Jill.  She is younger than we are, but has had a pace maker for some years.  Tests in the city over the past few days have brought complications, resulting in her being twice revived and now fluid is filling her lungs.  The family has been called to come to the hospital.  Please ask the Lord for mercy for Jill and for her husband Ron and their family.  Thank you.

Update on June:  she is now home full time, but is not in good condition.  It is not safe to leave her alone in the house as her coordination is not great and she is having trouble putting thoughts and words together.  She and her husband are trying to sell their house to downsize and she needs a lot of assistance.  So the family are trying to help out, but it is tough going.  A fundraiser in the community has been a big help but June will not be able to work again in all likelihood.  Thank you for continuing to pray for her.  

We have now reached the age group where our peers are experiencing so many age related problems.  Dell and I are as well.  This is a tough phase of life for all of us to face.  Let's continue to support each other.  I so appreciate your prayers for these dear friends.

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