Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Rather Amazing Day!

Today was incredibly special for a number of reasons.

This afternoon we attended a memorial service for our friend Jill.  It was a wonderful tribute to someone who never let adversity stop her from accomplishing her mission in life.  Jill was a spirited evangelist most of her life and brought many people to Jesus.

It also was a longer service than we had expected when we planned out the rest of our day.

We felt just terrible that we had to actually leave the service before it was over.  Of course we had been seated by the usher about 5 rows from the front of the huge sanctuary and so everyone saw us leaving so very rudely.  It was embarrassing to say the least. Here were the Anglican priest and his wife walking out early during a funeral for the Alliance pastor's wife......bad form, bad form!!!

However, the pastoral counselling session resulted in a new soul entering the Kingdom of God.  It was thrilling.  I think that Jill would have forgiven our hasty exit from her memorial service for that event.  That was the sort of event she lived for and it seemed a fitting ending to the afternoon of tributes to a woman so spiritually gifted. 

Another wonderful meeting happened last evening.  

Through a series of blog links that I looked at several years ago I began regularly reading the blogs of a pastor and his wife in another province.  We hooked up as well via email once or twice a few years ago.  Turns out this couple used to live in the same town as Jill and her husband and knew them well.  So, they came to the funeral yesterday.

We were able to meet them and they came to our home for the evening.   What fun for Dell to have another pastor to talk to, to share the joys and failures of ministry.  We can see why this couple have had a ministry of going into troubled churches and bringing healing and hope.  They made us feel very loved within the first 2 minutes of our visit.  We shared all manner of things, laughed and drank tea was a fun evening.  

With great gratitude to the blogosphere we are enjoying having new friends.

The other small joy for us was when a thunder storm rolled through town and the electrical power DIDN'T go out!  Trust me, this is an event worthy of dance and song.  In our town the electricity only needs to become aware of lightning in a neighbouring municipality to have empathy outages!!  But yesterday there were no clocks to reset, no computers beeping to let us know they were starving for power, no entertainment systems to resurrect.....

All in all a glorious day! Thank you God!

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Randall Friesen said...

glorious indeed.

Thank you for the kind hospitality, We'll be back.