Thursday, May 3, 2012

Road Trip!!!

After a few delays we are finally ready to take our road trip this week.  Leaving soon.........oh, is it ever soon enough?? We LOVE travelling together; travelling pretty much anywhere is fine with us. The rain is leaving off after a whole week of damp muddy moldiness, and the sun is peeping out from behind the clouds at last.

This trip is only a few hours away from home, but better than no trip at all!  My husband is teaching an Introduction to Narrative Theology course in Regina this weekend for the Qu'Appelle School of Mission and Ministry, a new venture in our Diocese.  Then we get to return to our former home of Moose Jaw for a couple of days of rest, visiting friends, and hopefully going to their new olive oil and balsamic vinegar tasting shoppe.  Better take some extra spending money....yummy!  After a Regina clergy day it is back here and a return to the usual schedule.  Not that pastors are able to maintain a truly "usual" schedule....

Perhaps by the time we return the mud will have dried up. We can't use our garage right now due to the deep mud in the alleyway and in the back area behind the garage door.  The floor of the garage is covered in drying muck to be shovelled out as soon as it dries completely. Gross!!!!  The side roads around the area are also nearly impassable. I have never seen so much mud!

So the only delay now is myself!  I had better shut down the computer and finish getting packed and ready to go.  Will chat again next week....or later today.....or tomorrow morning........I know there WILL be more delays.  Even after we actually drive away there will likely be one last fast return to the house for some forgotten is just the way we are.  There is a movie title that could have been written for the 2 of us as we try to get away on trips. The title is Dazed and Confused!!  

Talk to you again soon.......or sooner..........   

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