Thursday, June 14, 2012

And Another Day "Like That"

I guess yesterday's craziness was just preparation for today. Today I was fighting the 'flu' or somesuch, and never did get dressed, but that didn't stop the day from happening.

In the course of the day there were: (feel free to burst into the music from The 12 Days of Christmas)
- 6 loads of laundry
-1 hour of folding
-2 hours of ironing
-3 meals prepared
-3 loads of dishes
-9 phone calls fielded
-1 incorrectly sized furnace filter exchanged for proper size
-8 Sunday hymns a-chosen
-40 church bulletins a-printed
-1 church hall window broken
-1 RCMP officer visiting
-1 newly stitched up perpetrator dealt with
-3 rounds of physiotherapy
-2 beds freshly linen'd
-4 emails replied to
-2 blog entries written
-1 blog comment disappearing for no reason at all
-3 failed attempts to report problems with my blog to Google
-2 parishioners who each locked their keys in the church
-1 fast food burger and fries left to get cold so my husband could respond to an emergency email after a totally exhausting day in the other town at the other church planning a special service for the weekend and accepting an invitation to teach a course at a local college in the fall and doing a bunch of pastoral visiting and trying to work out his summer holiday and camp schedule to have the services covered in his absence and going to a vestry meeting and finding out his deanery day for tomorrow has been moved to next week and that we have to go to a funeral 4 hours away on Saturday and that the watch pin in his pocket is for his watch and not my watch and installing the new furnace filter
-And a Japanese Transistor Radio....oh, no, wait a minute that is Allan Sherman's version.......

I'm tired............

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