Saturday, June 23, 2012

And Now the Sushi is Over Too!

The last set of chopsticks is put away, the sushi plates are cleaned and shined,  the remaining sushi fixings are in the refrigerator and the rice pots, cleavers and cutting boards are disinfected and ready for next time.  It was a great time with the teens again today.

We didn't know if they would actually come over or not.  There is a live band concert in the park today, one of the rare town teen events, and we thought they might just spend the day there, forgetting all about sushi.

But at exactly 2:30pm they started to arrive. We had 8 returnees from last night and one of them brought 2 friends who are visiting from out of town.

Dell purchased all the necessary ingredients and prepared the rice, then he let each one make their own sushi roll. What fun!  They were willing to try everything, even the raw salmon and wasabi.   Only one of them decided at first taste that sushi is not for him. The rest ate at least one whole roll each and some ate even more.  It was a hoot to watch them.

One of last night's visitors paid attention to where the cleaned dishes went after dinner.  He went straight to the cupboard and hauled out the chopsticks and plates.  He was trying to impress us because apparently he wants to live here now. hahaha He dyed his hair bright red last night after he got home in honour of the Japanese flag! We were indeed suitably impressed but met his request to live here with a "Nnnnnnno!" haha  

Dell and I were absolutely loopy from exhaustion after 3 hours outside this morning doing yardwork and we made the worst sushi rolls in the crowd. But the kids forgave us.  They are great kids.

So, off to do the church bulletin and get packed up for an out of town doctor appointment. We have a 5 hour drive after services tomorrow and I suspect we will have to change drivers about every 20 minutes. 

Tired.........but happy!  Yardwork FINALLY done, teenagers fed and loved.  Life is good today.

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