Thursday, June 21, 2012

Don't Do Drugs....Clean House Instead

The house cleaning marathon is over.  It is done. Completed. Finished.  

I am also over and done.  Completed. Finished. AND exhausted.  

BUT I feel wonderful!  I did a darned good job on the old place and nothing gets my adrenline going  like the 30 seconds immediately following my recognition that I have achieved my goal.  It is a kind of high.

In fact, I am flying so high that when the phone rang just now I was feeling rather giddy.  The call was from my  bone specialist's office confirming my appointment for next week.  Since I started the process for an appointment in December of last year and have all ready had it cancelled twice, I was stoked to have it confirmed.

Um, perhaps a little too stoked......blush.......

When the receptionist told me the purpose for her call my response was, "Really?  It is actually going to happen this time? YIPPEEEEEEEEE!"

Yes, really.........

Her smirking face was nearly visible to me due to her tone of voice when she said, "I take it we will indeed see you then, Susan?"
"Um....yeah...see you then." Click........

I am happy...what can I say?

I guess not saying anything is good now, right?  Sigh.....        

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