Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Eerie Wee Giftie

My husband just unpacked the gift bag he received at his conference last weekend.  He presented me with the wierdest little business card holder I have ever seen:  an inflated plastic FOOT!!!  The business card goes between the big toe and the second in command.  EERIEEEE!!!  Especially in view of the current news of the Montreal case of murder and dismemberment and the foot of the victim being mailed to our federal government.  The gifts were chosen and bags packed up weeks prior to that newsworthy event, but what a shock the delegates got when they opened the gift bags to discover these card holders. And now it sits proudly, if eerily, on my desk.  Apart from the association with the Montreal case, I have to admit it is terminally cute.  I kinda like it.....

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