Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fun At The Movies

Tonight a friend and I went to see Dark Shadows. What a fun film!  The script was witty, the acting was befitting this take on one of the original night time comedic soap operas, and since I was in high school in 1972 when this movie is mostly set, I caught all the cultural references.  The sound track was perfect.  There were lots of subtle comedy bits.  For me it is another successful Burton/Depp collaboration. So glad I went to see it. So nice to see a comedic film that doesn't have to be over the top gross to be considered funny. Yes, the plot is completely ridiculous.  It is supposed to be, all the cast obviously understood its soap opera roots, and that is why it works.  It is a movie for adults, not children. 
3 stars out of 4 from me.

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chris e. said...

Thanks for the good review! I was wondering what this one was like; the commercials make it look enjoyable. Did you see the original soap? I didn't. Just wondering if it is still good as 'just the movie.'