Sunday, June 3, 2012

I Miss My Son All Ready!

Today is such a happy/sad kind of day.  As far as we know our son arrived at LaGuardia about 2 hours ago and will begin his college adventure next week after a few days at a friend's place. I am very happy that he is finally going back to school. I am very sad that it means we won't hear a lot from him for the next couple of months.  When he spent summers at Banff Centre it was within our means to go for a visit or two, and his summers in Europe....well that is SO far away we never had an expectation of seeing him or hearing much from him over that couple of months.
Saying goodbye to him on the phone last night was bitter/sweet.  It is such a difficulty for me to say goodbye to family over the telephone.  No warm hugs, no congratulatory tears as he heads off to accomplish his next achievement...the goodbye is more difficult on the phone as it seems kind of impersonal somehow, kind of empty. When a son heads off to a new adventure in a different country it seems rather unfair that his mother and father can't see him for awhile first, wave him off at the airport, give him a manly slap him on the back, and all that mooshy gooshy mommy/daddy stuff.

BUT so thrilled about this next phase of his journey, delighted that he will be home again in about 10 weeks. At that time we are going to have holidays to go to visit him and hear about all his adventures.

It is all good.

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