Saturday, June 2, 2012

I Wish I Liked Rhubarb!

Yes, I wish I did because a neighbour kindly gave me a huge bundle of the stuff this morning.  After preparing it I realized I didn't quite have enough for a decently sized pie for my husband, so I cooked it up in a large saucepan and will freeze it as an iced cream topping once it has cooled.  Dell will be delighted as he loves rhubarb!

To me, eating rhubarb has all the appeal of gorging on dandelion roots.  I find it tough, tastelessly sour, and with the texture of spongy potatoes combined with the air pockets of an Aero Bar.  Uck!  Yuck!!  Blecch!!

Surely on other continents rhubarb is considered a noxious weed that must eradicated as quickly as possible each spring!

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