Friday, June 22, 2012

It's All Over But the Sushi

The dust has settled in our kitchen and dining area.  The youth and their sponsors have been fed and visited with.  The remaining currie and rice are refrigerated. Most of the dishes have been done. The extra chairs have been returned to the church hall.

So, it is all over but the sushi.

Sushi you say?  What is this about sushi?  There has been no previous post about sushi.

Somehow in the course of our visit with the youth  tonight we discovered that about 8 of them actually love sushi and are disgusted that they can't get it here in town. They were sufficiently knowledgeable about sushi that we know they do eat it, like it when they get to have it, and are not just pulling our legs in an attempt to be "cool". 

Somehow as we discussed this information it morphed into an invitation from them to us (!!) to return to our home tomorrow mid afternoon so that we can feed them a "lupper" of fresh sushi. In all our spare time tomorrow (the time when we should be cutting lawn and spraying weeds, killing ants and deciding how to rid ourselves of the Richardsons Ground Squirrel aka miserable **&!!*gopher we have discovered to be the culprit digging in the flower bed by our front steps) we may be making sushi for some previously unknown teenagers.

Assuming they show up.  They are teens after all. What seemed so exciting this evening may pale in the bright noon of day when they awake.  

One can only hope.......

Seriously, it was great to connect with these kids.  We had an awesome time with them and they seemed to be okay about spending time with the old dudes for awhile.  Maybe something good can come from this connection. We have been out of the youth loop for a long time now, but young people don't really change that much from generation to generation.  The fashions and hair styles change, but inwardly most teens are still asking the same basic question they asked when I was their age.

The question is: do you love me?


chris e. said...

Didn't i see a recipe for Gopher Sushi somewhere???

Susan said...


chris e. said...

My mistake! Dear husband said it was Gopher Tartare.

Susan said...

Again I say: Eeeeuuuuuwwww!!!!!