Saturday, June 9, 2012

Rain, rain, go away.........

Rain has deluged our town and surrounding area for the past 24 hours. So far we have missed out on the tornados and flooding that are occurring to the south and west of us.  Grateful for that.

The rain on my 5 inch tall grass in the front yard at least shows off how gloriously green all that overgrowth is.  Fortunately most of my neigbours also missed their chances to mow lawn prior to the start of the downpour.  I am not alone here in growing a small foresty meadow in front of my house.

The fun part of the rain here is the performance I have to go through to get my car out of, and back into, the garage.  There has been no pea gravel put down on the back part of the property for years and years, so as soon as we have rain we have sticky deep mud out there. The weeds and grasses have not filled in sufficiently yet to provide ground cover to step on.  To step out of the car in order to close the garage door now would land me ankle deep in muck.  

So, as I leave the house I go to the far end of the breezeway that is attached to the house, garage and church.  I unlock the breezeway door at that end. Then I go back as far as the garage and open the big door to back the car out.  Instead of bucking mud to get out and shut the door (no, there is no automatic door closer here), I drive the car down the alley to the street, then around the corner to the church parking lot. I can get out on pavement there, lock the car, and walk around to the side of the breezeway and through the door I unlocked on the way out.  From there I walk back through the breezeway as far as the garage and go in from the inside to pull down the door and lock it.  Hopefully in the couple of minutes it has been open, the garage has not been entered by man nor beast. (Shoo, mousy mousy!!) Back out through the beezeway to the parking lot to once again unlock the car door, get in and drive away. Coming home is the same procedure in reverse.  It is somewhat time consuming but worth saving my shoes from getting covered with muck in the process.

Mud holds no terrors in this town......neither does pulling out of curbside parking spaces without shoulder checking and narrowly avoiding passing vehicles beside you, nor giant potholes in the streets. The good thing about the rain is that it makes it easy to see where the bad potholes are when they are filled with glistening water.  The rain has saved my new shock absorber struts, tires and wheel alignment because its visibility on the roads has prevented several drops into deep holes. 

See, even the rainiest, most frustrating, days have their good points!  

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