Sunday, June 17, 2012

Road Trips Are Becoming The Norm

Today I am tired and fighting the 'flu.  I knew something like that was happening when I found myself unable to sleep more than about 2 hours per night over the past week. Today I am really fighting it.  For some reason it takes me sometimes up to 2 weeks to either battle off or succumb to a bout of 'flu. Exhausting stuff. 

BUT a good weekend anyway.  We ended up 5 hours away from here by Friday afternoon. A fellow clergy person and supportive friend passed away somewhat unexpectedly and it was an honour to be able to attend the Saturday funeral.  After the ceremony there was a lively gathering of the man's friends and co-workers that provided some good visiting for one and all.  We were able to connect with old friends and have some special conversations as we remembered the deceased and how helpful he had been to each of us at various times over the years.  If I hadn't been feeling so wretchedly exhausted it would have been an even more amazing day.

Services today were a bit tense and sad.  Our Bishop has accepted a position elsewhere and will be sadly, deeply missed.  It was difficult this morning telling the people who didn't all ready know about it.  This afternoon I should be at a service, BBQ and farewell for my husband's honorary assistant who is also moving on to another assignment. But I am so tired and feeling so lousy it is likely better to stay home and refrain from making a case of the 'flu my farewell gift to our dear friend. 

As the day is wearing on I am losing any ability to be particularly funny, or witty, or interesting, or even coherent, so will close this entry. When I am feeling better I will talk about the WONDERFUL meal we had in a Moose Jaw restaurant while we were away. Wow, it was worth every penny of the price and the food nearly brought me to tears, it has been so long since I had a restaurant meal that great.  Being so far from cities has given me a complete lack of interest in eating out, but this was....SO delicious........more later.

Must. Nap! 

Hopefully the rolling thunder that has just begun will not keep me awake.

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