Monday, June 18, 2012

So Crazy Daily Living is Also Becoming the Norm!

Today I am starting slowly to feel better.  Have been out to run  errands, deal with some bank issues, get some groceries...yeah, on the road to wellness.  Got a surprise phone call from our son last night and it is interesting how such a call can make even the lousiest day seem so much more happy.

The day has started off in what is starting to become the daily norm.  haha  It is technically Dell's day off......but as a minister....well....if you are a minister or married to one or the child of know how days "off" go.......haha  

We were barely out of bed when the doorbell rang with church related business. Too bad all of you can't see Dell jumping out of bed and trying to locate his trousers so he can go and answer the door.  It would get millions of hits from lovers of comedy on public sites. hahaha  The meeting with this visitor resulted in him having to head into the office to make some calls while I raced out to the bank. It is hair cut day for me and I needed cash for the appointment.  

When I got to the bank it was before opening by quite a few minutes so I realized I would have to use the ATM for my cash. One little problem:  the ATM had been broken over the course of the weekend and the bank employees were waiting to have it repaired by a company with a 4 hour drive to come service the machine. Okay, so no problem I could write a cheque for my hairdresser.  Off to my appointment where I stood at the door for a long time waiting for someone to answer it. My hairdresser operates out of her home and when she finally came to the door she was very surprised to see me. She had completely forgotten about my appointment with all that is going on in her life these days. She tidied up a spot for me in her little hairdressing unit and her cat and I  had a lovely visit while she got her 3 year old twins set up to play so she could cut my hair.  What a sweetie, she could have just asked me to return at a different time or day.  She didn't even mind me writing her a cheque for the cut and some product.

Everything seemed to be working out just fine until I next went and collected my mail from the post office. The only envelope in the box was from the bank informing me that a very large cheque I deposited 2 weeks previously had bounced!  NSF!!  NOOOOO!!!!  Back to the bank to find out what was going on.  Did I have enough funds to prevent the cheque I had just written to the hairdresser from also bouncing?  Did I have enough after that to pay the satellite bill? Did that leave me with any cash to get through to pay day?  The answers were yes, yes, and no.  Home to ask the writer of the bounced cheque what had happened.  Fortunately it was a misunderstanding on the part of a couple of gals in charge of the deposits for that account, and we will have our money back in a couple of days. Fortunately too, it did uncover a discrepancy at the bank itself so Dell raced downtown to the bank to see if he could straighten it all out.  

He was back at the house sometime later to inform me that in the stress of the moment heading down to the bank to confront them, when he got there he locked his keys in the car and could he please borrow mind and return to get it?!   Okay....but before he could go the doorbell rang.....again.......and the same person who had come in the morning was standing there.....again.....hahaha Another small problem fixed and off the man went.  Dell went back downtown for the car and actually got it back without further incident.  

He said he felt better about the day as he was coming back from downtown.  Ahead of him was a town vehicle pulling some kind of machinery behind it.  At the corner near our house the machinery managed to tip over somehow, and what a mess.  The fellow driving the town vehicle was beside himself over this little accident.  Hopefully the machine wasn't damaged.  

So we are not alone in having a series of little stressers today.  Of course we are not, but you know how some days a person feels particularly singled out for torture by the universe?   We have been tempted to feel that way over the past week.  Silly? Yes.  Human? Also yes.  We are SO human in this house, and our reactions to days like today remind us all too often that we forsake our assurance of God's love and provision at the drop of a hat.....or a locked in the car key....or a bounced cheque. 

Time to grow up and just enjoy the daily hassles of life.  It is how we know we are alive and breathing,  that we are real people in a real world.  And that God is there to pat us on the head and tell us it is okay to be human, or to give us a pep talk when we cling to our humanity and try to leave him out of the equation.  

We love to complain, find every reason to do so, and that is the problem.  God is not so much into that sort of thing when he knows we are just feeling sorry for my husband and I were this morning.

So now I must decide if I should shut down the house computers. Yesterday was a mixture of weather: sun, rain, wind, hail, and a ton of lightning and thunder.  The last 2 items have just begun again and are forecast for every other day this week.  Next to complain about will be power outages.....yeehaw...more complaints!  You ready Lord?

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