Tuesday, June 19, 2012

So Many Choices..........

There is a funeral at one of our churches tomorrow and I agreed to make a plate of sandwiches for the luncheon afterward.  Now comes the difficult choice for fillings!

Do I choose from among the standard fare? The dearly beloved? The expected? The bland?  The egg salad or tuna or ham and cheese?

OR do I take my life in my hands and offer a different choice than the standard fare? Could I offer instead a filling roast beef and pickle?  A decadent ham pate?  A racy selection of deli meats?

Then of course there is the task of choosing the sandwich base.  Brown bunwiches or white?  Mixed grain bread or gluten free? Pitas or naans?

Oh the choices are endless.  But what is the acceptable decision?  It is complicated by being the wife of the priest.  

"What????  SHE brought THAT????" 

Maybe it is best to play it safe after all.  

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chris e. said...

Do people at funeral lunches even taste the food? I don't, not if i'm mourning the deceased. And if i'm not, then i don't go.
My vote is for beef and pickle, as long as it's not a sweet pickle. And on white bun or bread please!
I like peanut butter with apple sauce; never heard of that one at a funeral either.