Thursday, June 14, 2012

Some Days Are Like That

Yesterday so many silly things happened it was hard to know if we should laugh or cry. 

The day began auspiciously as it happened when I took a cooked chicken out of the fridge to prepare a breakfast treat and lost my grip on it.  The entire chicken fell with a splat onto the kitchen floor. It didn't just land flat down and stay here. Nope, it slowly rolled over and over right across the kitchen, coating the whole carcass in dust, a couple of squashed itsy bitsy spiders with which our house is innundated, and who knows what else?  So, no chicken for breakfast, or any other time, and I hope the garbage can is enjoying its unexpected chicken delight.

My husband brought home a new pack of rechargeable batteries and spent most of the day looking for our battery charger.  As of midnight last night there is still no success.  In 17 moves we have never lost anything but this charger has evaporated into the wasted a lot of his time on a busy day.

On one of his many re-checks into the file cabinet drawers for the charger, a big metal handle on the cabinet broke right off into his hand.  It can't be fixed.  

I went looking for piano wire yesterday so I could hang a picture.  I knew I had some and eventually located it, neatly tucked away in a plastic container that also contains an assortment of nails, screws, picture hooks and the like. As I pulled out the wire I lost my grip on the container and it upended itself onto the laundry room floor.  I spent over half an hour picking up and sorting the said nails, screws, picture hooks and the like.

Trying to assist my busy husband I decided I would go to the local hardware and get a badly needed new furnace filter.  Checked the size with my husband, took the bag with me to the store and had the clerk assist me so I would get the right one.  Got home with it okay, but when my husband went to install it, well, it was the wrong size. WAY too did this happen???

Just before bed an error message appeared on my blog. Something is wrong when I try to access my postings page.  A helpful window popped up with a code I could use to report the error to the blog help site. Only one problem: there is NOWHERE on the entire site to get tech help or to report the code. There are pre-posted answers to commonly asked questions, but the only input place I could locate was a site to report to Google whether or not I found the site helpful.  That is the only place I could find where I was allowed actual input, and my question will not be answered by this particular site.

Sigh......maybe today will be less frustrating......

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chris e. said...

Today may be less frustrating just by simple process of elimination. There are only so many battery rechargers you can lose, chickens to go in the garbage and file cabinet handles to break. So, 4 or 5 frustrators down means 4 or 5 less to go. Out of how many is all that remains to be seen.
That was encouraging, wasn't it?