Saturday, June 30, 2012

Summer Shoesies!

Had a most wonderful time at today's wedding.  The weather was perfect for an outdoor event, bright and sunny, and DRY for a change!  Even the horseflies loved it, and the bridal party who were standing under the trees have the bleeding bites on their necks and legs to prove it!

The preacher kept his message short.  Way to go honey on such a hot day with most of us standing for the ceremony. My husband knows how to do a wedding!  When my husband completed his blessing for the newlyweds at the end of the ceremony with the phrase, "The Lord be with you.", they completely forgot to respond with, "And also with you", so my husband said, "Aaaaaand also with me, you may kiss the bride."  If you are familiar with the usual Anglican responses it was pretty funny. 

Even the 2 wee kidlets, aged not yet 3, who were the ring bearers, did their job properly...Adara and Kazmin, the cutest pair ever!  It was a truly lovely ceremony with a good blend of formal and casual, humour and solemnity.

My job was to pin the boutonnieres onto the groomsmans' suit lapels.  I was dreading it as I am so uncoordinated with such things. I was expecting them to look like their flowers had been pinned on by the local drunk.  But it turned out to be easy peasey since the florist used rare earth magnets instead of pins. Once I managed to pull the boutonnieres apart from each other in the mean feat with those magnets all sticking to each other.....the job was done and properly in a matter of a minute.  YAY RARE EARTH MAGNETS!

In between the wedding and the reception we deaked into town to the Chinese cafe to have a cup of tea.  Wow, that was fun!  The restaurant was deserted as most of the town was over at the local arena celebrating the 100th anniversary of the rural municipality......well, maybe I am being too noble about the reason for their disappearance from the downtown streets:  actually there was a big beer garden at the arena.....hmmmm....

But I digress.  We had our cup of tea, but we had other treats.  Friends of the family who own the restaurant were visiting from out of town. They were steaming large ears of corn for their own consumption in the absence of any paying customers.  Yes, we were invited to share and share we did. Then out from the kitchen came grandma, visiting from China, bearing 2 large bamboo steamer baskets filled with steamed buns.  Would we like to try them?  YOU BETCHA'!!  Oh, they were fantastic!  The best kind of homemade bread with nary a chemical or preservative added. We dipped them in a Chinese sauce somewhat like kimchee and they were amazing.  We visited together and felt very much a part of this happy group.  What a lovely time.  Now if we only spoke some Chinese...maybe some day.

The reception for the wedding was a  lot of fun, but we didn't exactly pork out on the banquet after our afternoon of treats at the restaurant.  We sat with friends from church. We laughed.  We talked.  We toasted the happy couple.  

There were 2 "best" things at this reception.  The first is that for the first time in a year I wore my SAS summer sandals that do not require orthotics to protect the bone spurs under my heels and have adjustable straps so I was able to secure my ankle beautifully so it didn't wobble.  To be able to go out with no stockings on such a hot day, to be free of the dreaded sports shoes, the orthotics, the socks of any kind.....I think I experienced something akin to how a convict feels in that first  hour of freedom after a long incarceration.  Emotionally it was just that liberating.

The other "best" is the way the bride and groom at the wedding handled the party favours usually found at each place setting around the tables, usually scattered all over the hall by the time the guests leave, so many wasted or lost or left behind.  Instead there was a table next to the exit door and on it were tiny gift bags with ribbon ties.  All around the table were glass jars filled with chocolates, sugar candies, bubble gum, mini pretzels, scotch mints.  In each jar were small scoops with which to fill the the gift bags with your choice of sweet treats.  No one was stuck with a party favour they didn't know what to do with.  We took what we wanted or left well enough alone.  Very smart.  Love the idea!

What a neat Saturday!  All manner of events and friends.  Tomorrow we head back to this town for the RM 100th anniversary ecumenical church service.  My husband only has to do the prayers this time, and we have another priest here in this town to take their service so he had no sermon to prepare this week. What a nice break during a very busy time.  We may not have time off this long weekend, but it is turning out to be a very fun one anyway. 

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