Sunday, June 10, 2012

Survived the Weekend...Whew!

I admit I am glad this weekend is finally over!  It was stressful and tiring, good too, but I am exhausted.  Spent Friday evening and all day Saturday working on my homily for Saturday night's service and it just wasn't coming together.  I have never had such a difficult time with a homily before.  By the time I got to the service and things got underway I was quite nervous about giving it.  As the service progressed I realized it wasn't going to be as appropriate as I thought it would be, so when I stood up to give it I just tossed it completely.

The Holy Spirit had far better things to say about our readings and responses than anything I had come up with and I was so grateful those are the words that came out of my mouth when I stood up to speak. While I would never recommend that kind of homily "preparation" or lack thereof, on this one occasion it ended up in an impromptu presentation (at least on my part) that came together wonderfully well and was service appropriate. The Lord bailed me out, that is for sure!  If I hadn't had 2 excellent lay leaders as well to assist I wouldn't have had time to understand that my homily as written was so lacking, and may have actually given it instead.  Yikes!

Today I was not needed at the other congregation in the other town  and it was a relief.  The rain has filled the potholes in the "highway" (yeah....highway....yeah right.....) with so much water it is impossible to tell which ones are deep enough to cause car destruction should they be driven into.  Knowing I had to go that way this evening to pick up my husband many miles away, after Synod, it was quite a relief not to have to do it twice in one day.  I got to sleep in this morning, a rare treat.

Drove through every sort of rain condition on the trip south.  At times the clouds were so low to the ground it was like driving through misty fog.  Rather frightening to drive into not knowing it would only last for a few kilometers.  Drove into it right after the pothole parade on the first hour of the drive.  Fortunately there was little oncoming traffic during that first stage so I could drive right down the middle of the road and miss the worst of the craters.  The closer I got to my destination the fewer the puddles and lakes running across the highway.  The deer and the antelope were definitely out playing along the highway on both legs of the trip, enjoying the fresh greenery blooming in the ditches.  They all stayed off the road on this occasion as they munched happily along the side of the road.

Had a nice surprise happen 5 minutes after arriving down south.  Just got seated at a restaurant for dinner when I received a call from my husband. His carpool had all ready arrived in the town, an hour earlier than expected. He was able to join me for dinner!  Neither of us had eaten any lunch and we kept ordering food item after food item.  It was kind of embarrassing how much food we ordered, and ordered and ordered. We ate like little piggies and enjoyed every mouthful.  The waitress thought we were the most hilarious people on the planet so we made sure we amply rewarded her appreciation with a hefty tip.  She said she hadn't had a good night out at a comedy club in many a month but listening to us had more than made up for it.  We do so enjoy an appreciative audience......particularly when we have no idea what we were saying that was so hysterical!! Go figure.....

Then I turned around and drove all the way home again. My husband was too exhausted to drive, and I guess our impromtu comedy routine energized me sufficiently to get back without falling asleep at the wheel.  The rain had nearly stopped, the gale force prairie winds had all ready dried up the worst of the water from the road and it was a great trip back.  

We shared our weekend experiences and planned our day off tomorrow.  Compared to the past 6 weeks, the rest of this month appears to be a breeze for work committments and travel. We actually don't have to go anywhere out of the area now for a full 2 weeks!!  Please God, don't let that be too good to be true....please?  

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