Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Teeny Bright Spot Here in Town

So happy to read this morning that our Dollar Store has been purchased at the last minute and will continue to operate.  In a town this size the dollar stores are like a department store would be in an urban centre: vital to the community in the absence of other, better quality, discount stores. The store will only close for a day while the transfer of ownership takes place.  This is good news for our town. It is fantastic news for the employees of the store who will be able to remain employed.

I have one crazy schedule of cleaning, cooking, entertaining, church volunteer work for the rest of this week.  AND I am fighting a respiratory ailment.  I can only hope and pray I can meet all the committments of the next 4 days and still be healthy enough to get to the city for a most important doctor's appointment next week.  

Somehow the work will be accomplished, the appointments met, and the dollar store  saved.  Such is life........stressful and restful, exciting and mundane, all at once.  

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