Friday, June 8, 2012

A Busy and Productive Day

Today one of our congregations hosted their spring fundraiser called Bring a Friend to Lunch.  It appears to have been quite successful.  Lots of people of all ages came out for a fabulous lunch at a fabulous price.  We were able to serve all manner of salads and buns and sandwich fixings and desserts.  YUM!

I always enjoy working at these events!  In between preparing food and washing dishes there is so much visiting going on with the church ladies, and with the guests who come to enjoy the meal.  The atmosphere is one of joy and excitement.  People are hyped up with that adrenaline that comes from knowing you are providing a  wonderful meal to serve to friends from all over town. We put on this event twice a year and have a ton of fun.

What encouraged me particularly today was that 2 of our young moms, of which we have so few right now, connected over invitations to each other to come to the lunch.  Seeing these ladies with their with their little ones, enjoying their visit and letting the kids play together around the mealtime, gave me hope that pehaps this camaraderie will eventually draw in a few more young moms and their families.  Our congregations are suffering right now from the loss of some of the young families through recent job transfers and the future is a bit bleak.  Maybe though there is more hope than I think to bring in more young families we simply haven't met yet.

Therewere also several ladies who no longer attend church for various good reasons of their own, but who always come to help serve others at this particular event.  It is so good to reconnect with them as well each time and hear all that has been happening in their lives since our last visit.

Love this event......every time.....AND one of the babies in attendance actually smiled and giggled at me!  Never happens....never....n.e.v.e.r!!!  Babies scream when they see me, they do not smile, they do not giggle. They SCREAM!  Came home with a nice warm feeling for a change after my little connection with young Nicholas.  Yeah!!!  AND one of the ladies who attended called me later to say she had purchased several dozen eggs from the Hutterites later this afternoon because she thought maybe I would like to have some. How kind is SHE??  AND I was presented with some of the delicious leftovers, all plated for my supper tonight....a great perk of being a pastor person's spouse.  

All these wonderful things have more than made up for having to renew my drivers license photo today.  The new rules do not allow for glasses nor teeth showing. So, after having had quite a good photo the last couple of times, I now appear to be an escapee from a maximum security womens' prison. Sigh......... 

But I will keep my mind fixed on the good things from this day.......and pray I never have to present my license to anyone for any reason, ever. 


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