Friday, June 1, 2012

Too Tired to Sleep

If I was smart I would be in bed right now soothing my aching back muscles and getting the ankle up in the air to take weight off after a hectic day.  

But I am so tired I can't relax and sleep.  My whole system feels "out of whack" tonight.  In order to beat the rain that is coming in the morning I stayed outside a bit too long and did a bit too much on the yard.  I knew it must have been a bit longer than my allowed one hour, but was stunned to discover I had been out for nearly two and a half hours without a break.  No wonder I came limping back into the house with a throbbing ankle the size of a small country and a back bent over like someone who has spent her life working in the rice paddies.  Took my first muscle relaxant in weeks tonight as the pain in my back almost had me in tears.  WOW, it has been a couple of years since that much pain has hit me.  So glad the pills work quickly and the pain is nearly gone.

I provided solace for myself with a Chinese dinner that has given me enough leftovers for lunch tomorrow.  It will be a quiet day.  Two more hymns to pick for Sunday and some practise time since I have to play, finish up the church bulletin, mend a sheet and a pair of jeans; it is going to be a good day of rest.  My husband will be back from his seminar in time for dinner so he can share in the oriental food and fun.

Got a call from the local picture framer this afternoon letting me know that a project I had him do for me was ready at last for pickup.

I wanted to do something special for Dell's 60th birthday but wasn't yet mobile enough to go shopping.  So I decided to do something completely different this year.  A couple of years ago my husband was the recipient of the Saskatchewan Architectural Heritage Award of Excellence for his work on an historic church restoration and renovation.  It is a really big deal!!  Ceremonies at Government House in Regina, meeting with the other recipients that worked on this and other projects in the province, a was a splashy affair and we had a lot of fun there. Receiving the award was a great honour.  I took the certificate he received, the invitation to the ceremonies, and the article that appeared in the Saskatchwan Architectural Heritage Magzine to the framer's and we picked out some beautiful matting and a nice large frame.  Today it was ready, non-glare glass and all.  I brought it home and it seems I finally got the birthday gift just right.  Dell is so pleased with his gift.  It is fun to see his face light up like that. It rarely happens so I felt I too had received a gift.

My other treat tonight was picking up the ringing phone and hearing my son's voice on the other end of the line.  Things have come together so miraculously well for him to get to school next week.  Even his student visa arrived on time!!!  The amount of extra money he had to pay for the exchange rate on his tuition was minimal and he was able to cover it just fine.  He flies out in less than 48 hours........I can hardly believe it, but I am thrilled for him.  And I will miss him terribly!

Self-immolations are continuing regularly in an Asian Country that shall remain nameless, and it is making life difficult for two Canadian teacher friends I have there, who for their own safety shall also remain nameless here. They are returning home in a couple of months for their annual summer holiday from their  university positions, but this time they will not be allowed to return to their beloved Asian Country.  In fact their government has just passed a law forbidding its native citizens to speak to foreigners at all!  So outside of the classroom they no longer receive verbal responses from their friends to even the cheeriest of greetings.  They will have to leave without saying goodbye after being there for so many years. They are heart broken for their present country of residence, afraid for their friends there, and concerned for themselves as they attempt to leave the country soon.  The government of a larger country is cracking down and it is effecting my friends badly, not to even imagine what the native residents are dealing with.  I pray they will be allowed to leave in safety and peace. 

Rejoicing this week that our friend who recently endured a terrible weekend of interviews regarding his suitability for ordination, has, after a time of soul searching and meetings with higher authorities, not only decided to continue pursuing ordination, but after an appeal to those authorities also been accepted into the ordination track. A year from now he should be receiving his ordination and a posting in the far north.

Well, the eye lids here are starting to flap shut.  Finally I am unwinding and starting to feel very sleepy indeed.  If the meadlowlarks decide to wait an hour or so in the morning before they begin their lovely songs that penetrate my sleepy  mind in only a few seconds, and I could sleep past 6am for once, it will be one great day....and today was a great day too!      

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