Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Wild Week of Weather

Wow, it is one crazy spring introducing summer this year.  In the past week we have had everything from sun and heat to torrential downpours, small tornados, bubble clouds, and hail of all sizes:  pea gravel, egg, and baseball sized stones. Happily for our town we have been spared the huge hailstones but some of the farmers around the area have not been so fortunate.  This morning we are once again resetting clocks after another power outage and looking at all the tree limbs, leaves and other debris we are going to be tidying up once the rain finally stops.  Many towns and cities around us have been far harder hit by the weather than we have been, but I admit it is somewhat daunting to move here and THEN discover we are living in the "tornado alley" of the prairies.

Supposedly this is the last day of crazy rain and wind for awhile, but I will believe that when it happens.

Friday and Saturday we are involved in a outdoor wedding in a beautiful backyard.....we hope......   

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