Friday, June 29, 2012

Young Love and Great Shopping

Today was a lovely day!  After a busy morning of mending and funeral preparations for next week, we headed off to our "other town" and church.  We had a lot of fun eating Chinese food at their wonderful cafe, then while my husband spent some time doing pastoral visits I toured the little shops and purchased a few fun items.

I mean, why should I pay $6 for a bottle of run of the mill grapeseed oil at the Co-op grocery when I can pay 2 and half times that much for a more gourmet brand? Right??  Of course right!!

And who would be able to resist new tea towels made from organic cotton that are blue jean blue?? Well, not ME!  And you would not have been able to resist them either!  Right?? Of course right!! C'mon! They are BLUE JEAN BLUE!! One deep blue denim, one baby blue denim and one stonewash.  How often do you see those colours in a tea towel??  Riiiight??

And then there was the gift towel set with linen lace added to make them particularly lovely and gift-like; a gift towel set with a high thread count that makes them soft and absorbent (practical) as well as a lovely shower gift  should I ever meet anyone ever again young enough to be having a wedding shower.  A person should be prepared in advance for such a possibility, right?  You don't want wedding showers to sneak up on you and find you unprepared in the gift department. At my age it could happen so easily. Right??  Of course right!!

Oh, and then........the navy blue napkins for my dinner set that are so difficult to locate these days, especially around these parts.   An absolute must to purchase. Right?? Of course right!!

There were also the microfiber dishcloths, the anti frizz hair conditioner, and the perfect but impossible to locate after a year of searching hairbrush.  After seeking all 3 items here in town for several months and finding none of them, (and forgetting twice now to look for them in Calgary where they are considerably less expensive...sigh), how could I NOT purchase them all at once in the "other town"??  Well, I couldn't not....not...not...(how many "nots" do I need to eliminate that double negative anyway?) Right?? Of course right!!

Besides, I have a great shopping history with the "other town".  I last went shopping there 2 years ago and spent an exorbitant amount of money on one average looking tea towel that turned out to be the thickest, most absorbent tea towel ever. And it still looks like new!  See, I NEED to spend the extra money to shop there more often. Right?? Of course right!!  (Any notes of encouragement to my husband on this subject are greatly appreciated...the old party pooper!)

One store in particular fascinated me.  You would never find a store like this in an urban centre, never!  It is housed in a former meat market and the products, an eclectic mix of greeting cards, Watkins products, home tools, kids clothes, candles, and mail order catalogue items, are displayed in the interior baskets of old meat freezers!!  I spent longer in this tiny, cram packed store than any of the others, scoring myself a great deal (take note husband) on super cutsy gift wrap absolute necessity, particularly if I ever need to wrap that fancy gift towel set for a wedding shower in the future.  Right? Of course right!!

Exhausted from my completely unexpected shopping spree I returned to the church building and had a long nap on the old couch in the youth lounge, then caught up on some reading.  Played the church piano for awhile too and that was fun.

From there we headed out of town to a beautiful farmstead for a wedding rehearsal.  So much work with elegant plants and bright flowers in large pots, a framed and sheer curtained canopy with a bouquet of lilacs over the archway, little ironwork stands decorated with tasteful loops of flower garlands.  The weather forecast for the big day tomorrow is as perfect as the setting.  And unlike the last farmstead wedding we attended there are no cows to crash the ceremonies unexpectedly and send the guests and the chairs scattering hither and yon. 

A perk sometimes of being the wife of the priest officiating at weddings is an invitation to rehearsal or wedding dinners. Tonight's meal was particularly fabulous: the best lasagna we have ever eaten, a perfect caesar salad....homemade, NOT bottled, dressing and in just the right soggy lettuce! There were hefty, meaty ribs, a bean salad and 2 desserts, a plethora of drinks of all kinds....what a feast and what a privilege to be able to parttake! 

My husband did the marriage counselling for this pair and they are the sweetest couple in the world.  Friends from all over Canada have come to celebrate with them and the gathering was noisy and fun filled.  It was an evening of remembering our much younger days via this group of great young people.  It will be such fun to see them again tomorrow all dressed up in their wedding finery and share this special event with them.  We are touched that they want to spend time conversing with us....two old fogys who do love relating to people their age.

Another day away from home more shopping, but a beautiful wedding, a joining of 2 kind souls.......young love and the committment it is bringing this couple is encouraging to see.


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