Thursday, June 7, 2012


I'm tired........TIRED, I tell you.....yawn.......

Just got back from a fast overnight trip a couple of hours south of here.  We drove down just in time yesterday to catch a couple of retailers before they closed for the evening, and nabbed a few things we have need of and for good prices.

Since, as usual, my husband is away for a church event on this my birthday, we celebrated it last night at a cute Korean/Japanese fusion food restaurant.  It was a lot of fun.

The restaurant appeared from the exterior to be abandoned as the long grass and weeds outside have not been cut yet this year and the paint is peeling off the siding.  But we noticed the little OPEN sign blinking in the window so stopped in to check it out.  Inside was cleaner than outside, but the white cloths on the tables, while obviously having been cleaned, had not been bleached to remove the MANY stains.  O well, late, hungry, tired, determined to celebrate my birthday....and we are glad we stayed.

The food more than made up for the lack of attractive decor.  It was far better than we expected to find so far from the orient.  The combination of kim chee with the teriyaki chicken (which by the way was NOT drenched in commercial gooey cornstarch sauce, hallelujah!) was a peppery treat, the bulgok-gee was very well done and spiced just right, and the veggies were crisp and fresh.  We started off with a crunchy sushi that contained ebi and cucumber and was sprinkled with white sesame seeds, panko and Japanese mayo.  It was SO good.  The miso was lighter than we are used to but filled with green onion. Smartly, the chef had not attempted to add the grossly stale locally sold tofu to the soup.  The price was also good and we felt satisfied and celebratory by the time we were finished feasting.  Our waiter was interesting to talk to, a medical student from another city whose girlfriend's parents now own the restaurant. He spends his summers in "the cubicle" of the restaurant and goes to school the rest of the year.  Talking to such a well spoken, quietly confident young man was a bonus.  Not once did he say " what'll youse have?"!! Aaaaah.....a grand evening.

Had to get up at the crack of dawn to get my husband across the highway to meet up with his car pool out to Manitoba for conference, and was so tired coming back I stopped for breakfast and a wake up break in a town only 60 km from home.

So now I have the hymns picked for Sunday service, and will get together tomorrow sometime with 2 helpers who have come forward for the service here.  Still waiting to hear what will happen in the other town this Sunday.  No one is in a hurry here and it has taken me 2 years to get used to that.  I thought I would lose my mind for the first few months.  The good thing about prairie living is that if you come from elsewhere you learn to gear down, because if you don't you will lose your mind completely.  My stress levels have definitely gone down since figuring out how laid back it is possible to be about the details of most anything.

Me and the prairies.......a good learning experience. Buuuut, still gotta do something about that scenery. When the scenery on a 2 to 3 hour drive between towns all looks the same to me, I am in danger of falling asleep...and having to stop to wake up only 60 km from home. 

I need someone here to teach me to see what they see.  The geography here is not resonating with me.

Yeah...."resonating".....there's a word I am heartily sick of; like "eclectic" or "twenty-four-seven". 


chris e. said...

What exactly is the difference between 'Alberta' and 'the prairies'? It all seems the same to me.

Susan said...

The difference is mostly the mentality that comes with AB having alot more money/prosperity over the decades. Albertans are more confident and direct as a rule. SK folk have more acceptance of things going wrong,and that is just how life goes. Also in AB there are foothills and mountains, generally more scenic variety and more international tourists to spice things up.