Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Lights On...Somebody's Home......

Last night at midnight the lights in our church hall were still shining brightly.  One of our parishioners was in there enthusiastically painting the slats removed from the bell tower so he could put them back up there early this morning before the industrial lift has to be returned to the rental shop.The new metal roof on the church is about done now and wow, it looks amazing.  The place looks like it is actually being used after having a somewhat abandoned appearance for the past couple of years.  By sometime today even the old cross on top of the bell tower will be clad in white metal.  

It was so encouraging to return from a wonderful chicken caesar salad dinner at a local restaurant and see the men up on the roof late into the evening working so hard to complete the project until a lightning storm drove them off. I needed the encouragement since my dinner out had been a sad goodbye dinner for a dear dear friend who is moving away.

Since we arrived here the church has looked like a set from a horror film.  The cross up on the top is the reason.  The church itself is kind of nondescript with old fashioned glass stucco on grey cement walls and some white painted trim around the doors, windows, and under the eaves that has needed refreshing of late.  But that cross has been battered and bruised by wind and rain and sleet and ice.  There has been no colour left on it for several years.  It is the prime seating space for huge black ravens and when they sit up there it reminds us of Alfred Hitchcock's move, "The Birds"!!  Looking up at that raven covered cross gives me "the willies" to be honest.

The rest of the town has apparently been fascinated by the outer rebirth of our building.  For the past few days there has been a steady stream of vehicles cruising past in low gear, some stopping in the middle of the street to have a good look at what is going on with our roof. Some have parked across the street gawking at the roofing process for just long enough that I have been tempted to take them out a lunch.  Admittedly there isn't a lot to do for excitement in our town and I am glad our church renovation has provided a source of entertainment for such a large number of folk.

However, my prayers will be answered when some of those same folk decide to take as much interest in what is going on inside the building as they have in what is going on outside the building.  I am hoping that from this people parade someone's interest will be sparked now that they can see outwardly the signs of a living congregation, a living spiritual community they could be a part of.  

Hopefully they will realize that our church has not been abandoned but is peopled with a group filled with vital spiritual energy who are just waiting to welcome them into the fellowship.

From my mouth to God's ear......  

Monday, July 30, 2012


Discovered an interesting quote the other day from a novel I haven't actually read.  The book is "Birdsong" by Sebastian Faulks.

Here is the quote:  "He was repelled by the water gardens:  their hectic abundance seemed to him close to the vegetable fertility of death. The brown waters were murky and shot through with the scurrying of rats from the banks where the earth had been dug out of trenches and held back by elaborate wooden boarding.  Heavy flies hung over the water, beneath the trees, dipping into the rotting tops of cabbages, asparagus and artichokes that had been left unpicked in their reckless prodigality.  What was held to be a place of natural beauty was a stagnation of living tissue which could not be saved from decay."

The last sentence of the quote grabbed at my attention.  

Have you ever been to a place that was held up as the epitome of something wonderful and yet you found it to be a dreadful deadly kind of place?

I have:  everywhere from camp grounds to gardens to museums to movie events to climbing expeditions to churches and congregations to sporting events to art shows to musical concerts and dance recitals to motivational speaker events to weddings to graduation ceremonies to fun fairs to to to to to........

Sometimes the "stagnation of living tissue" refers to vegetation in highly hyped and ultimately disappointing outdoor scenery or tourist gardens.  Sometimes it refers to people who seem more dead than alive in spirit and energy and motivation.

Stagnation is a trap designed to keep us from motivation to improve ourselves and the world around us.  It can be the result of depression or fear or confusion or laziness.

My hope is that I will be preserved from stagnation by retaining an interest in life and in love and in God and in people and in travelling and in studying and in dreaming dreams of the future and in all facets of life on planet earth and beyond.



Sunday, July 29, 2012

Poopoopee doo'd

The past 2 days of travel and celebration have exhausted me and in a lovely way.  Why do I always, wherever I have lived in the world, feel a strong sense of exhilaration as I drive away from my house with a packed suitcase and head out on the road to just about anywhere else?

Perhaps it is because we have had so few holidays of note in the past ten years that we tend to cram a lot into a few hours away.

On Friday we headed out several hours drive to our province's capital city in order to attend a farewell BBQ for our departing Bishop.  It was a warm, perfect day to travel. The roads were in pretty fine condition after some spring patching, we were relaxed and actually early for a change, instead of racing along stressed out about meeting a time committment at the other end of the journey.  My husband booked a room at my favourite little hotel there and it was lovely and clean and had all its usual amenities.

The BBQ could have made me very uptight.  I don't know that many of my husband's colleagues from around the diocese and I have never at all met most of their spouses.  However, I tried hard to be outgoing and I met a host of geniunely nice people that were easy to visit with.  It was a good time.  A couple of old friends were there and that was so much fun as we have not seen them for several years.  We went through our final pre-ordination discernment process together in Winnipeg about 4 years ago and haven't seen each other since. Lots to catch up on.

Back at the hotel in time to watch the opening ceremonies of the London Olympics.  It was pretty cool, but I had to giggle because despite wonderful special effects and colours and crowds, it moved at what I consider to be the usual stodgy British pace. haha  I always enjoy the parade of athletes and seeing all the countries they come from to participate in the games.  Sprawled across a huge starched white comforter on a firm mattress, drink in hand, HD tv on, more drinks chilling in the refrigerator.........oooh, I do love good hotels.

Saturday morning my husband had a meeting to attend but it wasn't an early meeting. We slept in; my husband had a hearty hotel breakfast of bacon and eggs and cinnamon buns and tea and fruit.  Now that is what I call a complimentary breakfast;  none of the pasty cereals and stale bagels and battered toast like we are sometimes given in hotels.  I however sedately ate a small serving of yogourt with a glass of juice.  I was preparing my stomach for my REAL breakfast over at the downtown shopping centre food court. heeheehee

Dare I admit it?  Guess I have to.  I ate my breakfast at TACO TIME!!!  YIIPPPPEEEE!! Never have a greasy burrito, over salted Mexi-fries and a sugary Dr. Pepper tasted so delicious!  That is the joy of being fast food deprived in our home town.  The occasional binge for a fast food breakfast is a ton of fun!!!  The most super hot of the hot sauces sat very well on my yogourt coated tummy. I never thought I would see the day that a Taco Time breakfast would be an actual treat but it really was. Slurp!

Then a couple of hours of window shopping........that resulted in the purchase of 5 shirts that I saw in two of the windows.....some hair product that I saw in another window......and a very expensive 50 grams of gyokuro-yamashiro-cha for my husband that I saw in window number 3!  I LOOOOVE window shopping!!!

The mall has very comfortable couches sprinkled about the place so, after shopping, I found a quiet couch to sit on to read my book that is too exciting to have been left at home overnight.  I met all kinds of people while I was sitting there, people who were wondering what I was reading, people who wanted to share their recent losses and pain with someone who had obviously nothing better to do than sit in a shopping centre reading a book, people looking for directions.  It was quite a social experience!

When my husband finally picked me up to head back home, of course he wanted some lunch after a long strenuous meeting.  So off we went for Indian buffet.   I restrained myself admirably on the portions after my huge breakfast, but still, by the time we rolled our stuffed carcasses back to the car to head home I didn't care if I ever saw food again. Urp!

There was only one problem: on the way home we had to make a half hour detour to visit the home of a parishioner because, in honour of her departed husband, she was having a family memorial BBQ and wanted her priest in attendance!   

Did you get that BBQ part?  BBQ as in burgers and fries and salads and drinks and desserts and and and and and..........   Actually I didn't eat a bite, had nary so much as a sip of water. I was so full of breakfast and lunch and the trip home had been very hot and humid.  I couldn't face any more food.  In fact, this morning I can't even face another breakfast...not even my usual plain yogourt and almonds. Burp!

I am officially "fooded out".  I am officially "shopped out".

At least until 3 days from now when we head off to the city for a week of study leave. 
Nyaaa haaa haaa............... 

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Joy Zappers

One thing I will never understand is the desire and ability of some folk to deliberately, or at least habitually, ruin the joy of other people. While I was ironing clothes this morning I started pondering this kind of cruelty we inflict on others, knowingly or unknowingly. 

Case in point: a few years ago I lost a bit of weight and was absolutely delighted to be able to drop 2 clothing sizes in a particular ladies' dress shop.  I was finally down to their smallest size in the Plus sizes and in their store they called it a size 14.

I happened to mention it to a friend when the subject of clothes buying came up and she dashed my excitement in one svelt sentence.  Her response to my size change was, "Yeah, but you know that a size 14 there is still a size 18+ in regular ladies'wear, so it isn't that big a deal."  I was crushed!!

A friend was diagosed some time ago now with a disease I am familiar with and told a third party about her diagnosis.  My friend was trying to have a good positive attitude while she awaited her treatment options, but the third party said something along the lines of "Oh I know all about that. I have it too. This and this and this are wrong with me because of this illness and I will never get any better. This is what you have to look forward to."  Some people just lack social skills in their ability to express themselves, but this comment seemed especially cruel.  My friend. all ready upset with her diagnosis, but wanted to put a positive spin on the situation. She was an emotional wreck after those comments.  

Why do we do this to each other?  Why are we so apparently determined sometimes to not allow our friends, family and aquaintances to revel in good news, to encourage people who are struggling all ready with similar issues to our own?

Some of us are just inept in verbal expression.  Some of us are so self-absorbed we truly don'r realize how we have hurt someone else by our comments.  Some of us are so bitter about our own lives we can't stand to see a peer happier than we are ourselves so we cut them down on purpose and do all we can to destroy their joy.

There are many reasons why hurtful things are sometimes said in response to other peoples' happiness, but I think the Apostle Paul had the right idea in his exhortation to the Romans (chapter 12, verse 15).  He told them to "Rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep."

You don't have to be particularly religious to see the sense in Paul's comment.  Appropriately rejoicing (and weeping) together builds relationships instead of destroying them.  For those who do follow God it is a way of expressing HIS joy toward others of his creation.  It bonds us closer to each other and to him. 

Yup, I think Paul has it just right.  

Are you a joy zapper?  I would admonish you with the words of Bob Newhart from one of his comedy sketches from years back.  In the sketch he is playing the role of a psychologist advising his patient on how to release herself from bad habits.  These are his sage words of advice:  "Stop it!  Just stop it!!"

Sound too easy?  It isn't so difficult, and it makes simple sense. 

Q. Why Do I Need To Know These Things?

A.  I DON'T need to know these things!

The "things" I am talking about are entertainment reports about what barely known actors are having affairs with an even lesser known directors, or which entertainers have publicly apologized for less than stellar behaviour in the public eye.  When I personally mess up I don't have to apologize to them.  Why do they feel a need to publicly apologize to me about their personaI failures or issues that are actually none of my business?

Maybe it is because I simply have no interest in the personal lives of the people whose acting, singing, dancing, juggling, animal training and storage locker purchasing entertains me on tv and in the movies, but when it comes to the wonderful world of entertainment I have no interest in knowing about:

1.  who is marrying/divorcing/cheating on who

2. who is gay, bisexual, transsexual, heterosexual, transgendered, crossdressing, or anything else about an entertainer that is so very personal and best kept that way 

3.  whose marriages/dating relationships/breakups are/were mere publicity stunts

4. what entertainers like to eat and drink

5. how much entertainers weigh/don't weigh/wish they weighed, as well as how much weight they have lost/gained/ wish they had lost/gained

6.  what exercise/diet/health/personal training plan entertainers subscribe to

7.  what religious/philosophical/political stances entertainers maintain

8.  what entertainers wear or don't wear at home/grocery shopping/in the park/with their kids on weekends/crossing the street

9.  what entertainers look like with no makeup

10.  what entertainers blog/tweet/facebook/myspace

What I AM interested in is how entertained I am by entertainers.  Either I am or I am not.  They do their job well or poorly and I enjoy it or I don't.  End of story. Easy Peasey.

I feel no need to know anything else about these hard working people who are simply doing their job.  I do not know them. They do not know me.  It is best left that way.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A BIg Fat Blessing from God

Today has been a very special day.......filled with not only interplanetary sock eating aliens, but also with real flesh and blood friends from Moose Jaw SK visiting us for the afternoon.

For some reason I will never understand after all the places I have lived and visited, I fell in love with Moose Jaw and it feels like home despite the remoteness of ever being able to live there again.  It must be because of the friends.  We made so many in our brief three year residence there.

Today a couple of the nearest and dearest drove out of their way on a trip so that they could visit with us.  It felt so good to open the front door and see them standing on the front steps grinning at us.

We ate together, we laughed, we shared where each of our ministries are currently headed........ooh, it was wonderful.  The feeling of connectedness to the world outside our own town is something that has been precious to us everywhere we have lived, and today's visit was a reminder of one of the sweetest times in our lives....seminary studies, a wonderful church congregation, the culmination in a journey toward ordination, great friendships........

Days like this make the rest of life so sweet.  Thank you Lord.

All this and a start on the new church roof too!!   

Aliens In My Washing Machine and Dryer

Yesterday was laundry day so in between lightning storms I washed and dried 8 loads.  I should have checked the appliances for resident interplanetary aliens!

In the afternoon my husband called me to come look at the sky.  Hovering right over our town was a thick black cloud....a chinook style cloud turned evil.  All around it was blue sky and sunshine and in the centre of it was a bright orange patch of shiny swirling mist.  It was the wrong time of day for that orange patch of mist to be a reflection of the sun above!  It was absolutely eerie!

Now I know it was an alien invasion!

How do I know this?  Well, the last load of clothes to be washed and dried was a load of socks and teeshirts.  When I pulled them all out of the dryer this morning and re-paired the socks, I discovered something amazing:  4 leftover socks with no mates. FOUR!!  When I put socks into the washing machine I put them in as a pair.  That way I know all socks and their mates are actually in there, not stuck in the space behind the washer, not fallen under the appliances, not accidentally sorted into a wrong pile of other clothing.

I couldn't believe it. I unfolded all the other socks just  paired and I hadn't mismatched any of them.  I unfolded every teeshirt to see if any socks had adhered to the inside of any of them. I unfolded all the towels I had all ready put away in the cupboards just in case I had miscounted when putting socks in the washer in the first place but there were no socks sticking to the terrytowel. There were no socks left sitting on the laundry room floor still dirty. Nope!  No socks in sight.  No socks under the dryer from when I had pulled them out.  No socks left inside the washer that I missed when transferring them to the dryer.  There is no way that 4 socks could have unravelled and that much nylon and cotton thread gone through the drainage or lint catching systems without creating problems with the appliances.

And so, it has to be a result of alien invasion;  some little thread eaters have infiltrated my washer and dryer and are lying in wait for next week's load of socks so they can feed once again on natural and man made fibres.  

I'll be ready for them. I'll fake them out.  I'll rewash the 4 mismatched socks from this week's load, as a load of their own. When those are all eaten and gone, with no new socks forthcoming, the aliens will have had their fill and move on to greener pastures......or newer blacker socks....and my laundry will be safe to do once again!!

Stupid aliens............

Opinion Polls

Does anyone else out there find online opinion polls as annoying as I do?  

Case in point:  one newspaper poll this morning asked if a particular provincial premier would be able to sell Canadian politicians on a national energy policy.  As is so often the case the choices to vote for were either YES or NO. 

What would be the point of voting in this poll?  How on earth would I or anyone else know for certain if one premier's NEP could be bought into by the rest of my country's elect?

There was little other information outlining the details of this NEP in any of the surrounding newpaper articles. Even if the politicians involved were close personal friends, I would have nothing with which to form an opinion as to the probablility of them accepting an NEP presented by one of their fellow pols. 

As is becoming the norm it seems, articles on this subject were so lacking in details as to what this NEP would entail that I personally would have zero idea of its national viability.  Such articles, in fact articles on most any subject these days, are written as if the readers have all ready accessed a previous information source that will tell them what is being written about. Newspaper articles and public online opinion polls seem to be put together for only an elite "in-crowd" who all ready know from other sources what these articles and polls are actually about.

Newspaper and website opinion polls are designed to make us out to be ignorant sots who want to answer questions on issues that we know nothing about or have no earthly importance whatsoever.  They are designed to make us think our opinions are worth something, even when we really have no basis to form an opinion.  They are offensive at worst and a waste of time at best. I suspect the writers of the polls know these things and are laughing heartily at our collective expense.

So may I offer just a few more voting options for these online polls?  I think they are valid options and would represent a far more truthful and realistic overview of Canadian opinions on almost any subject.  Here they are for your perusal:

1.  How would I know?

2.  Why would I want to know?

3.  Why would YOU want to know?

4.  Why in blazes would ANYONE want to know?

5.  How is this any of my business?

6.  How is this any of your business?

7.  Are you kidding me??

AND my all time favourite and most pertinent voting option:

8.  WHO CARES?????

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Biblical Names and How They Have Changed

This morning I have been thinking about some of the interesting pronunciations I have heard over the years of biblical names.  Ooh, some of them are wickedly tough, particularly if we haven't been taught how to pronounce them, or if we haven't been in the habit of doing public readings and simply haven't had to learn how to pronounce them.

Some of my favourite Oopsies:

Paul's Letter to the Ephesians became Paul's Letter to the E-poop-sians (perhaps they struggled with constipation?)

Nicodemus became Nico-dermis 
(a new skin disease? Possibly smoking related??)

Genesis became Generist
(abbreviation for "Regenerist"??  The cure for that new skin disease??) 

Hittites became Hutterites
(wonder if they had the same green thumbs for veggie growing back in the day as they do now?)

Hittites became Shittites
(they didn't suffer from the same problems as the E-poop-sians?)

Thessalonians became Thessal-mans
(shirt tail relatives of the Shulmans and the Casselmans, oy vey!)

There are others, but these are some of my faves.

Of course my memory for the pronunciation mistakes of others makes me paranoid about my own public reading skills and so I haven't volunteered to read in church for a looooong time.

How about you?  
Do you have any favourite scriptural bloopers to share?  


Monday, July 23, 2012

Another Interesting Service

My husband is doing another interesting funeral.  The last one was filled with olde tyme dance music and this one's featured musical piece is by Iron Maiden. 

Yup, Iron Maiden.  Seriously.........

It is never easy doing funerals for people a rector is not previously aquainted with and the circumstances of the deceased were difficult. Often musical "wants" for funerals of folk who are not involved in church life seem inappropriate within the setting of a church sanctuary.

However, the lyrics of today's feature piece are most appropriate. They talk about the tremendous difficulty in the journey when attempting to leave darkness behind and strive toward the light. The theme of the song is most definitely one of seeking redemption.

My husband has built his homily for the funeral around the lyrics of this song, interwoven with the Scriptures that will be read and I suspect it will be far more meaningful to those attending than just the Scriptures most of them will be unfamiliar with.  It is interesting how some of the Iron Maiden lyrics match up in a number of places with the theology of the lyrics of the 2 old hymns that were also chosen by the family. 

One of my husband's gifts is the ability to find logical connections between several apparently unrelated bits of information.   He can listen to two people arguing about a matter and find a way to connect both peoples' words to either find the middle ground or to show them that they are actually saying the same thing in two different ways.  He is a great mediator and a wonderful speaker.  

All these gifts will be called upon for this funeral and I am looking forward to seeing how he meets the challenge in the midst of the deep grief of the families he is ministering to. My heart is breaking for these families whose present grief  is added on top of other recent losses.  I hope and pray they will understand and receive the love that is offered to them today, through Jesus and through his people. I hope we are able to make that welcoming love obvious to them.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Old Man of the Mountain is Home

Yup, my husband survived his week at camp with the 9 to 11 year olds.  He survived a different group of teens than he had last year.  He survived the giggling and the late nights and the fiddling about and revamping his entire curriculum to make it more relevent to the kids with big problems, like cutting and mild autism.  He enjoyed it far more than he expected he would. He arrived home at 11pm and I don't remember the last time I saw him this tired.  In his determination to make every teaching, every game, every conversation as personally and spiritually meaningful as possible for each child, particularly the unchurched, he wore himself right out.

But he has forgiven me for booking a funeral for him on his day off Monday....hallelujah!

And after a prolongued sleep in this morning he is feeling much better and starting to plan all ready for next year's camp week.  

Yup,  now he's "got it bad" for camp chaplaincy!  So much better than the alternative, eh?

Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Jolly Good Day

It's a beautiful day in the neighbourhood.......at least it is a beautiful day at my house.

The sun is shining, there is a bit of a breeze to keep the heat at bay and, miracle of miracles, my grass and weeds and bushes are now mowed, whacked, pulled, sprayed, trimmed, and otherwise taken care of at long last.  Whew!! NOW I can relax about the outdoor space for a few days.

Just about the time I was finishing the front lawn a parishioner on her way past stopped to visit.  We shared some apple juice together and then she invited me to join her and a mutual friend for lunch.  Mmm, a great addition to the day...FRIENDS!  We had a great time laughing together over a delicious meal.

Home to complete the back alley weed whacking and spraying, a good hot shower and a nice conversation with my parents over the phone.   

Tomorrow another friend from church is driving me to the local gallery to pick up some newly framed photos that a dear friend presented us with last time we were visiting in his town. We may even get to share a coffee time together.

I hope my husband will be thrilled with the framing of the photo of his former parish church.

I hope my husband will be thrilled to share with me all the good stories from his week at camp.

I hope my husband will be thrilled to know I stepped away from being my usual hermit self long enough to have some fun with some of our parishioners during his absence.

I hope my husband will be thrilled to find the yard work done, the fridge cleaned out and the stove and oven shined up so that he knows I have been working while he was gone.

I hope my husband will be thrilled to find out that I have booked him to do a funeral at our church next week for a family he doesn't know at all.......

On his day off........


Wednesday, July 18, 2012


My husband called from camp today.  Turns out he has had less trouble with the 9 to 11 year olds than with his usually wonderful teen group.  

Yup...........Ah see'd it comin'.......teehee teehee teehee

While the Cat's Away........

Today I am indulging in a few treats while my husband is at camp. The ground is still too muddy under what is left of our front lawn to be out there trying to mow, I am totally exhausted now that the stress over camp has departed from the house, my own plans to leave town this week fell through, and I need a pick me up.

Enter my favourite drink in all the world: strawberry coke.  Coke is a rare treat for me.  I can't have the caffeine in it, nor the sugar, and I have to be careful how much artificial sweetner I ingest in the diet brand.  But today I bought myself a small bottle of it.  I just opened it and squirted in a good amount of strawberry Mio to flavour it.

Some folk love to drink their beer in a frosted mug.  Me, I am far more plebian in my tastes and in my summer culinary treats.  A frosted mug of strawberry coke does me just fine!!

And for supper I am making waffles and bacon!  With real maple syrup! 

Well, actually at the moment I am cooking up some thick fresh pork chops with Italian seasoning, onions and celery, as well as potatoes, carrots and yams.  They are all for tomorrow's meals......my atonement for today's decadence.

When I was a little kid my idea of a treat was opening canned spinach and digging in with a spoon.......at least a bit healthy.......healthier than my adult ideas of a treat.

But hey, why not?  By the time I am done scarfing down salty bacon with buttery waffles and slurping down strawberry coke I am going to feel too ill to eat anything but healthy foods tomorrow anyway. 

Oh and while I am confessing my sins here, I might as well mention I made a hamburger for lunch.......with sauteed onions and lettuce and real cheddar and tomato..........why space out treats when I can have them all in one day, right?

Guaranteed to make those chops and veggies look particularly appealing to my over amped digestive system tomorrow.

And if tomorrow never comes, well, I surely did enjoy my last meal(s)!!

Movie: Prometheus

Had a very good time at the local movie theater last night.  Went to see Prometheus.  It is actually the prequel to the Alien series of movies.  It was fun and silly and it was the 3D version.  As usual with the movies produced these days there were huge gaps in logic, gaping holes in the plot and a group of good actors who must have had a great deal of fun just preventing themselves from giggling their faces off over some of the lines they had to say.  A few of the scenes were enhanced by the addition of 3D and some were not, but as far as a 3D movie it at least beat out Kung-Fu Panda 2 for use of that technology. haha

Actually, come to think of it, the story line for Kung Fu Panda 2 made more sense, even if the use of 3D didn't!

Charlize Theron's acting abilities were completely wasted in Prometheus and if I were her I would not be too quick to add it to my list of movie appearances, but there again, the whole movie was pretty hilarious so maybe she will fare well with it.  At least it was funny.  

The stereotyping of various characters unfortunately took away from some of the possiblities for suspense.  We knew within a few seconds who the first two victims of death by alien were going to be. We knew almost instantly that the human-like droid was the bad guy.  There was the stereotypical angry, uptight female manager of the space flight project, the old fella supposedly secretly in charge of finding his way to eternal life on earth and who was also....gasp...shock.....the father of the angry uptight female manager...to be "discovered" late into the movie....not that we hadn't all ready guessed and not that it meant one thing to the plot development, the deeply sincere scientists spouting  nonsensical philosophy about the origins of life and surviving a quick automated surgery with superhuman ability in order to be ready in time for the final knock-down-drag-'em-out fight sequence toward the end before flying off into space once again with the remains of the droid to continue the search for life and leaving poor Sigourney Weaver's future character to cope with the mess left behind, the good natured laid back space ship captain, plus a whole range of other disposable characters required to make the movie set ship look like it is actually flying. Some of the special effects were quite lovely and interesting, others apparently tossed in to justify the use of 3D. 

There were also a handful of scripted sexual innuendos tossed in at the most awkward moments and startlingly awkward ways, I suppose to fulfill today's apparently obligatory use of such idiocy.  Sorry everyone, it didn't help anything. It just contributed to making this a less than stellar production.

The most odd part of the evening was a pre-feature trailer for the upcoming Life of Pi.  All we were shown was a scene of Pi (supposedly) standing in a small boat adrift on a large body of water, and in the boat with him was a vicious (sort of) tiger.  As they sail along they are suddenly attacked by hundreds of flying fish.  The seemingly never ending scene is a tribute to the way 3D has been used in this movie, but that is all we are shown.  There is no list of actors, no quick cuts of other scenes, no release date.  The scene began, fish flew, the tiger glared into the camera, Pi looked scared....all for a very long time. End of trailer.  It was downright wierd.  

So would I recommend Prometheus to any of my friends? Nope.  But it was silly fun and a good time was had by all.  It was a great excuse to have an evening out with a good friend so it was worth the trip to the theater for that alone.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Snicker, Snicker........teehee

Over the past month my husband has experienced terror and emotional trauma as never before. He has not slept well, he has not been able to enjoy days off, he has not been relaxed, he has had upset stomachs, he hasn't been able to finish eating a meal....and all because of what he had to do this afternoon.

This afternoon my dear husband left for church camp where he will be chaplain and religious educator for his usual 12 to 14 year olds, but also for........wait for it.....your heart should be palpitating with fear for him.........he is responsible for.....here we go......drum roll please.............the 9 through 11 year olds!!! 
teehee teehee teehee

A group of actual adult terrorists could not raise the level of fear in his heart that comtemplating 4 days with these younger kids has done.  
teehee teehee teehee

He has previewed videos, he has contacted a friend who is a childrens' pastor, he has looked at children's activities websites, he has downloaded music, he has prepared stories and games and quizzes and questions and answers and sound systems...what a month he has had preparing himself to meet the dreaded younger campers.

Today, car packed to the gills and police check in hand, he drove off, with a viciously upset tummy, to meet the foe.  
teehee teehee teehee

Having worked for several years with 9 through 11 year olds and knowing my husband's complete lack of experience in working with them on a daily basis, and from within the confines of a church campground, I should have been more helpful. I should have been more sympathetic.  Empathy should have oozed out of my very pores.

But I couldn't stop laughing long enough to be of much use to him at all.  In my head are pictures of my husband attempting to corral and teach and interact with 9 through 11 year olds for a couple of hours each day.  It is going to be an experience he will never forget.  It will be just as terrifying as he has been imagining.  It will be worse than he is mentally prepared for. 
teehee teehee teehee

But it will also be very rewarding as he breaks through and begins to relate to their great sense of fun, their sponge-like minds that will make all kinds of connections, rightly and wrongly, with what he is saying to them.  Their lack of understanding will dismay him and their clarity of thought will delight him.  Their creativity will excite him and their fear of expressing it will confuse him.  Their kid's style humor will encourage his own great sense of humour.

He is going to have an awesome time with these kids.  He just doesn't know it yet.

Conditional Discharge

Enjoyed my physiotherapy appointment this morning.  It was rewarding to get professional confirmation that my fibula and plate are operating better together and the plate is now allowing for the separation of the fibula bones in order to bend and flex my ankle better.  There is no pain around the pin through my tibia either and that is a good sign.

However there is still a lot of work to be done on the distal movement.  I simply can't stretch or pull my foot toward and away from myself as well as I should. Standing on my tiptoes still presents a problem since I have not yet regained as much strength in that ankle as we had hoped.  Happy as I am to have had this much restoration after 6 months of physio, I am going to continue 2 exercises from now until the first week of December.  At that time I will see my therapist one more time. He will get an x-ray and check things out, hopefully not finding any problems that would require a return visit to my surgeon in the city.  What we are hoping to NOT see is evidence of avascular necrosis, lack of blood supply to the tarsal bone that causes the bone to deteriorate and would leave me needing an ankle fusion that would reduce my range of motion to pretty much nil, although I could still walk after a fashion.

So will carry on with my exercises quite happily:  5 days a week, weekends off.  So far it is all good, the recovery continues, just a bit slower than hoped for.  To me it is all fine because I know my body always takes longer to heal than hoped for.  No worries..........

Monday, July 16, 2012

Foggy Dew

After a very warm week last week we are experiencing some odd weather the past couple of days.  If this was Labrador I would call our weather "foggy dew".  The mist is so thick it is difficult to see more than a block or two at most down the street.

We drove to our other town for services yesterday morning in a fairly substantial downpour of rain. By the time we left to come home, about 90 minutes later, the mist had set in and continued to worsen all the way back.  When we drove out for dinner later that afteroon it was difficult to see very far up the street and by the time dinner was over the mist was so thick it was a bit dangerous to be driving at all at any sort of usual speed.  Today it seems to be continuing to some degree. Very grateful we are not out on the highway this morning. The humidity is so high that crunchy crackers in my pantry are becoming downright chewy.

Foggy Dew:  what a descriptive turn of phrase.  Not a phrase that is commonly used around here.  That is because it is not a usual weather event on the prairies.

Personally, being a great lover of rain and low hanging cloud, I find it a refreshing break before a return to sunnier skies and warmer temperatures by tomorrow. 

Foggy dew, I am liking you! 

Saturday, July 14, 2012

You Can't Be Too Careful I Guess

I just received an email from dear friends.  Sometime in the past few days one of my friends was "pickpocketed" while shopping in his local grocery.  All his ID was stolen and the wallet replaced into his pocket without him having any idea.  My friend is particularly careful about such things, so the feelings of betrayal that accompany such a foul act must be rather strong.  The thieves were careful to leave his actual credit cards in the wallet and it wasn't until the next morning that my friend realized his wallet didn't feel quite right somehow.

Fortunately he knew what to do and immediately called the local constabulary, his banks and credit companies, government registries etc. It will all be taken care of likely in a few days and all will be well, but I am familiar with that pit of the stomach twisting that occurs when you realize you have been robbed. It is an emotional sucker-punch.

So, it is a good warning to me to be less cavalier with my purse and wallet and ID cards. When you live in a town this tiny where there is perhaps too high a level of trust these days, it is all the more shocking to be taken advantage of so badly.  My friend also lives in a town about this size.  If it can happen to him where he lives, it can happen to me where I live.

Time to be more careful, more aware, less naive! May I learn a lesson from what happened to my friend. 

PS For some reason the word "weather" has appeared in my labels for this post and I cannot figure out how to delete it. Maybe it was a lousy weather day when my friend experienced this loss??  Sorry........my bad..........

Friday, July 13, 2012

Nice to Have an Airplane in the Family

This morning my sister-in-law departed for home after a fun 24 hours here with us.  She was able to go on pastoral visits with my husband yesterday and see the other town where he works.  We had fun last night sitting around in our pajamas talking, watching tv, looking at interesting sites on the lap top and gazing at a marvellous display of lightning.

Her husband's small plane made this visit possible.  It was a lot of fun driving a few km's to the municipal airport to meet the plane.  It was fun watching her husband take off again, flying farther east to visit friends of his own.  It was fun for my husband to return her there this morning to meet the plane for her return journey.  

Fun fun fun fun fun!!

EXCEPT for all the insect biters I encountered yesterday in the short while we waited for them to arrive.

People on the prairies tend to enjoy windy summer days as the wind blows the mosquitos around out of biting range.  Wasps and horse flies stay closer to the underside of roof eaves to escape being tossed about, leaving the lawns and sidewalks more free for people to use unbitten.

Of course, me being the insect attractor that I am, the 4 tiny mosquitos we actually saw at the airport ALL bit me, my husband became so busy swatting horseflies away from me that he finally sent me to the car and the wasp that followed me into the car came within a hair's breadth of ending his angry buzzing long enough to sting me just as I managed to crank the sticky window down and bat him outside, leaving both of us unharmed.

The good part is that after 35 years of marriage my husband finally, FINALLY, FINALLY believes me about the intensity of bug attacks against my person.  35 years is a long time...but he gets it now. Finally..........

Just after "the family jet", teehee, landed here another, larger private company actual jet, landed and pulled in beside.   After seeing to their passengers' departure the 2 man flight crew needed to find a way into town to spend a few hours before flying their passengers home.  Of course, in predictable fashion, they couldn't get the local taxi company to answer their phone....the phone that only rings, rings, rings unanswered, and has no answering machine nor call forwarding capability.  They were really stranded so we drove them back to town with us.

As we rode along with them the reality of my ever increasing age hit hard.  The pilot was approximately 15 years old, and yet he has been flying for 12 years. The co-pilot could not have been more than age 10  and yet had been flying for 3  years.  How could this be? What is this world coming to allowing young children to fly big scary airplanes???  Aiiiii yiiii, they are making people in their 20's and 30's young looking these days!

It took about 2 sentences for these  young men to reveal themselves as "city boys". 
Q:  Do any of your local movie theatres show afternoon matinees? 
A:  Well, we actually DO have one theatre, but it has only one screen that is showing Snow White and the Huntsman and while we know you would both give your eye teeth to view such a flick, it isn't showing until 7pm. Sorry.......

Q:  Can you take us to the downtown's best restaurant?
A:  No problem whatsoever!  It will be easy because there is only one downtown restaurant, so it must be the best one, right?  Oh, unless you count in the local chinese food palace that is closed for the entire summer holidays.

Shocked glances.  And then:

Q: So what is there to do here in the afternoons?
A: Um you can walk around and look in the Dollar Store....or the fabric store.....or have coffee at the Co-op where you can meet true prairie people to visit with.  Oh, and the library is open.  Do you like to read Harlequin Romances?  You could practise stair jogging at the post office. They have 4 stairs.

Incredulous stares.  And then:

Q: But isn't there anything physical we can do for the afternoon?
A:  Well sure!  Physical eh?  Why didn't you say so?  The bowling alley opens at 1pm for public bowling.

A couple of unbelieving looks.......

Q:  Um, could you just drop us off at the restaurant you mentioned?
A:  Well, of course.  It's great you didn't get here a couple of days ago before their kitchen reopened after being closed by the health board for renovations.  Good timing eh?

They didn't know if we were joking or not at this point.  They thanked us for the ride when we dropped them off, kind of put out I think that we were teasing them so badly.

Sorry fellas.  By the time you figured out how you were going to get back to the airport before supper and wandered about town finding to do only what we told you was available, you were probably quite happy to be on your way back to the big city. At least you know now that these particular newly prairie people didn't lie to you.

Heeheehee!  City boys........... 

Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Death of the Prairie School Choir

I was in the school choir in junior and senior high school.  Back in the 1960's and 1970's most high schools out here in the west still had choir as an optional credit course.  What we lacked in talent we made up for in enthusiasm, if for no other reason than it was pretty easy credits compared to taking an optional math or science course.

Over the years since, as schools have become less places to receive a good all round education and more job training institutes for techological or athletic careers, the arts have slipped into last place for budget considerations for so many school boards.  As far as budget prioritizing, the arts are right up there with building maintenance:  the first places for cuts to happen.  

At least that is what we are told.  BUT, I think I know the REAL reason behind the demise of prairie school choirs!  

It is the actual songs we had to sing!!  Take note of the following folly of a song:
Oh, we're going to a hukilau
A huki, huki, huki, huki, hukilau
Ev'rybody loves a hukilau
Where the laulau is the kau kau at the big luau

We'll throw our nets out into the sea And all the ama ama come-a swimming to me

Oh, we're going to a hukilau
A huki, huki, huki, huki, hukilau

Now, I am certain that if you grew up in Hawaii or some other relatively tropical island nation you would have a great appreciation for this song.   But to expect a pack of prairie brats to have any appreciation for, or even understanding of, a Hawaiian fishing song.....well score zero for a music curriculum that would do this to us at that age.  All I remember our music director saying, by way of explanation of this little ditty was, "Ooooh, this is going to be a really fun song to sing!!"  She certainly enjoyed it.  Perhaps she had fond memories of her own Hawaiian honeymoon?  I don't know, but this song left the rest of us going, "What the %*%#??"  Perhaps we would have done better with a song about steer wrestling?

When I was in Grade 7 our country celebrated its Centennial year and I think, although the songs we focused on that year certainly supported and hailed mostly Canadian musicians in honour of the event, that was the year the coffin our choirs were unknowingly standing in began sealing itself shut.

By the time 1967 ended I felt that if I had to hear one more chorus of:

Caaaaa-naaaaa-daaaa (1 little, 2 little, 3 Canadians)
I was going to hang myself.

Then there was the massive chorale honouring all ten provinces and almost mentioning the territories. It began with huge fanfare:

Proudly we praise
Proudly we sing
Proudly we hail

Then it carried on with a mishmash of musical styles, one caricaturizing tune per province.  Each province had its turn to be musically embarrassed. The misrepresentations of the mentality of each province's human population was on a par with portraying African Americans by having white folk performing black-face minstrel shows. I believe the concept of Political Correctness that we are now all being stifled by was conceived by my own generation of teenagers forced to sing this stuff during such a formative time in their lives.  The unkindest cut of all is how well I remember every lyric of all 3 of these, and other songs, that meant nothing to me and meant nothing to most of my musical compatriots.

At least at my high school we never did have to sing Men of Harlech!  I suppose I should be thankful for that. Although if we had to sing Hawaiian songs, why not a Welsh song?

So don't be fooled into thinking your kids are not privy to participation in a high school choir due to budget cuts, okay?  Really....it's all about song choice.  At least that is what the overload of reality television music shows tell us.......night after night after night after night after night after night.......


Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Each day I thank God that my son is alive and well, studying and pursuing his art passion, surviving the stresses of relationships, work and school.....living life to the fullest.

The blessing of my son's vibrant life was brought home to me today when I received an email from our former mission relating news of the drowing death of someone else's son.  Within an hour of receiving the news his mother was admitted to hospital with heart attack symptoms that were actually "only" stress reactions.  I cannot imagine what she is going through.  I hope, selfishly, that I never have to find out.  

I have to be content to pray for this family, although I wish I could find wise and healing words and actions as well to express my concern for them in person.   All I can find is my own inadequacy to respond meaningfully in the face of their grief.

Last night the young man involved jumped into a raging river to save the life of a teenager who had slipped on a mossy rock and fallen into the churning foam.  The young man was able to get underneath the teen and push him sufficiently upward that a third man on shore was able, briefly, to grasp the teenager's arm before the undertow pulled him away once again.  The young man never did surface.  The 2 bodies were recovered today by rescue workers.

My heart is filled with sorrow for this family.  They have a strong faith and I have no doubt they will survive even this tragedy, but surely they must be questioning life and faith right now.  I cannot imagine such a test for any parent, and yet millions of parents around the world have lost their sons and daughters to accidents such as this. Many, but not all, have managed to cope eventually with the loss and the never ending feeling of something not ever being quite right with  life ever again. 

My son lives alone in a dangerous part of a dangerous city.  When he completes his school term he wil be returning there.  The nightmares that have sometimes plagued me since he moved there will probably begin again.  Over the past ten years people have been murdered on the streets outside his studio, his place of employment, his home.  My fears for him are not completely unreasonable.

Every day I have prayed for protection for him and trusted for that answer to my prayers.  But the mother of of the young man who drowned has spent his life praying similar prayers and trusting for the same outcome.  In her case she received an answer she was not expecting, could have in no way been prepared for.  Will the foundation of her beliefs be shaken?  For a time I believe they very well may be.  And would that be so unusual, so uncalled for?

I think not.  Often something in life brings even the most faithful servants of God to their knees, crying out, "Why God?  Why? Why did this happen to OUR family?"

Once again my thoughts turn to the Old Testament book of Job......the story of a man who lost everything he held dear in his life, who beseeched God to help  him understand why he was so tested and tormented when he knew he did not deserve any of it according to what human beings would consider to be fairness, only to be told by God that He owes his creation no explanations.  God boldly states that he is the creator, the ruler, the one who has his good purpose to perform in all things, good and bad.  To us there seems to be little empathy or comfort in some of God's words to Job.  In some of His statements he even seems to be belittling poor beleaguered Job for pestering Him with such demands for answers. 

With this explanation of God, by God, Job is at last content.  Why is that?  Why didn't he just turn his back completely on a Creator, a Ruler of the Universe, who seemed to be so powerless and absent in the face to Job's intense suffering? Doesn't that seem like a good thing to do in such cases?  Doesn't it seem that perhaps it is useless to waste any more time on such a god belief?

Job didn't do that though, not ultimately, even after a period of doubt and questions that show his humanity and his sorrow over his losses in life. The character Job was not a super spiritual hero giant.  He was just a man caught in a spiritual battle between God and Satan that he knew nothing about. 

I don't think the mother and family of the young man who drowned will ultimately turn their backs on their God either.  They are real people. They will likely question and they will be sorely tested in their beliefs in the weeks to come.  But I think they will ultimately realize that God has his own reasons for what he allows to happen during our time on this earth.  He may not ever explain in an understandable way this side of heaven.

Job, and the very real Christians all around me who suffer great losses and trials without losing their faith, are my examples for keeping my faith intact when life seems too overwhelming with grief and loss to be borne. I see their faith being honed, perfected, matured through these tragedies.  

Should I ever face such a life altering loss, I pray that I too will be able to emerge from my questioning of the Lord to peace that He knows how to turn such disasters into eternal glories I cannot fathom just yet.

Please, if you are a praying person, lift up the families of teenager Caleb (aged 15), and young man Brett (aged 26).  They will need so much comfort and support in the coming months. The man on shore who was not able to keep his grip on Caleb's arm no doubt needs prayer as well, that he will feel no guilt for not being able to hold on against the undertow.  Right now they probably feel much as Job felt during his trials. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Advertising Jingles Bits and Pieces I Remember

It is wonderfully hot and I am feeling so lazy today. Got out for awhile, but really the best part of the day has been dozing on the couch to rest my ankle in between house chores.  My sister in law is coming for a visit so I would like the house to be at least somewhat habitable for humanity, but frequent rests for the foot are still the norm.

Today my dozy brain began remembering old advertising jingles for a variety of products.  See if you remember any of these: 

It's the Real Thing...Coca-Cola
Coke is IT. 

7-Up, the UnCola

Certs is a breath mint. 
Certs is a candy mint.
STOP!  You're both right!

..........Mr. Clean will clean your whole house and everything that's in it......

Let's all go to A&W.
Food's more fun at A&W.
We'll have a mug of root beer or maybe 2 or 3.
Then pick the perfect size from the burger family.
Let's all go to A&W.
I can taste it now, can't you?
Hop in the car.
Come as you are, to A&W!

Brylcreem, a little dab'll do ya'.

Pizza Hut 'n' nothin' but.......

You'll wonder where the yellow went
When you brush your teeth with Pepsodent.

Bubbly bubbly bubbly Eno

A Slinky, a Slinky, 
It's fun and the best of the toys.
A Slinky, a Slinky, 
The favourite of girls and boys.
Everyone wants a Slinky.
You'll want to get a Slinky.

Good morning, good morning,
Life's sweet with Oro Wheat....

Ajax......cleans like a white tornado.

Clap on. Clap off.
Clap on, clap off..........The Clapper! 

Where's the Beef??

Can you hear me now?

It's Tim!  He's got life insurance!

I've fallen and I can't get up! 

Oh, there are a ton of others that I remember to some extent.  I don't have all the words correctly written on a few of these. Such crazy things to remember in the midst of an afternoon nap.  

What commercial jingles to you remember?  And no cheating by looking on YouTube first!! 


Ministering to the Minister

Last evening was a truly marvellous one!  Some friends called and invited us to their country home for a BBQ.  It was a perfect evening.

We sat out on their deck in soft plushy chairs for a couple of hours talking, snacking, enjoying the cool shade on a hot muggy day.  As we sat there I could see my husband visibly relaxing.  Various cats and dogs dropped by for a pat on the head and a wee chat.  There were foil wrapped veggies in buttery dill sauce, Greek style pork chops, and spinach salad slathered in a home made creamy cucumber dressing.....berries for dessert......just light and yummy for a hot day.  We were both extremely relaxed by the time dinner was over. I wasn't allowed to bring anything or to help do any dishes or table clearing.  I felt spoiled and pampered.  It was wonderful, I have to admit.

After dinner we headed into the entertainment wing of the house........a giant tv and sound system all set up for concert films.  Yessssss.........a relaxing visit and meal, followed by Loreena McKennitt's  Alhambra concert.  

Does it get any better than this? 


Monday, July 9, 2012

We're Havin' a Heat Wave..........

And it is glorious!!  I feel a bit guilty calling this a heat wave when comparing our temperatures in the mid +30's, Celsius, to the horrendous REAL heat wave happening along the southern Atlantic coast, but for our area of the world an entire week of temperatures this high is more rare.

Our son is catching the edge of that wave in New York right now.  The lack of AC in his art studio has sent him scrambling for a big fan he can run while he is painting.  One lovely thing he has available to him is a clear pool of water tapped off from the Hudson River which flows near his campus.  He has been able to do some cooling off there.  NICE!  So grateful to know he has access to some heat help.

I was out this morning revelling in the sunshine and warmth.  My arthritis loves this weather.  My sore ankle loosens up and relaxes in this weather.  

Right now at noon it is all ready +26C and aiming for a high of +32. Tomorrow it is to be +34.  Wow..........this is great stuff. 

AND we are invited to a BBQ tonight on a big deck overlooking a beautiful yard out in the country.  YES!! 

Now......if the tornado spawning thunderstorms will just turn their faces in some other direction and take all the evaporation we are experiencing from our prairielands and deposit it, along with the accompaning lightning strikes, somewhere else...........

Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Small Town Experience

This afternoon we decided to eat lunch at the Chinese cafe in the town where we had our church service.  We do that on the Sundays we have to do only one service in only one town.  We always eat at this particular cafe and I have posted previously about the lovely people who run it.

Today we arrived at the restaurant a bit earlier than usual. They had only just opened, the grill was in the process of firing up and Mama was feeding the baby instead of being available to wait tables.  Grandma, who speaks no English whatsoever but likes us,  brought us our silverware and menus, chatting and smiling as if we could understand what she was saying.  Her 6 year old granddaughter happily interpreted for us.  

Mama remained unavailable for some time, so the 6 year old finally brought out an order sheet and took our order.  We had to tell her how to spell "Daily Special", which she copied labouriously in her best printing onto the order pad. She was brimming over with new found importance. This was her first time to take an order and help out in the restaurant.  Then she moved onto another table of new customers and began the process again.  SO CUTE!  Her 5 year old sister stood beside her, hanging onto her dress, sucking on a cookie and staring at us as if we had just arrived from outer space.  hahaha  

Eventually Mama showed up and took over again after dumping the baby unceremoniously onto Grandma's lap as she realized what her daughter was doing. hahahaha  She needn't have worried. Speed was all her young daughter was lacking; she certainly had all the orders straight.

As the restaurant filled up with people it became apparent that my husband knew them all from his community involvement there.  Even a table of visitors to the town were drawn into the various conversations swirling around the place.

So much noisy fun, so '50's diner-like, so stereotypical of small towns as portrayed in movies and on tv, so Corner Gas'ish.  

The only surprise is that Brent Butt and Nancy Robertson didn't come through the door to join in the fun!  

Saturday, July 7, 2012

It Never Rains But It Pours

Literally the water is pouring.  It is pouring out into the back alley through our garden hose, which is attached to our hot water tank in the furnace room.  When I went to do dishes a few minutes ago there was no hot water.  We don't have an old fashioned limited water tank here and have never run out of hot water before so I knew something was wrong.  Oh husband........oh heeeeelp!!  

So glad my husband has done so many trades in his life.  He found a small trickle of water dousing the pilot light and heard dripping sounds from the core inside the tank.  Suddenly the water started dripping faster onto the floor by the furnace so we scurried around moving a stack of new furnace filters to keep them dry, and attached the garden hose to the outtake valve on the water tank.  Now all that ugly water is draining outside.  We are waiting for the after hours man from the plumbing company to call us about getting a replacement tank right away.....for an extra charge of course if we don't wait until Monday to schedule a new tank installation.

All I can think of is that my husband must be about to preach a powerful sermon tonight that could bring some good to someone, and a different "someone" is wanting to distract him from doing his best. Yes, it could indeed be a mere coincidence that this problem has occured on the one Saturday per month that we hold local church services in the evening instead of on Sunday morning. However, years of prior experience have taught me that sometimes coincidences are not quite what they appear.  We'll see.........

Fortunately I personally have no duties at either church this weekend.  I can stay home tonight and tomorrow morning if need be to greet a water tank installer and let him in to help us out.  A vestry member has all ready approved the immediate replacement of the tank so that is also wonderful.  

This is when I find living in such a small town a bit daunting.  I remember the hassles of trying to find emergency weekend tradesmen in the last small town where we resided. It is a pain.  

What I am grateful for though is that this tank blew today instead of a week from now when my husband will be working at camp.  There is always some kind of silver lining.

For now, we wait..........patiently even.......sort of.......

Okay.......the emergency guy just called......we have to wait until Monday.....ONLY Monday. Thank you God!  I can boil cold water and survive until then.  Yay!