Monday, August 6, 2012

A Pastor on the Getaway Trail part 2

My husband had a chance to take his 2 days off and do a bit of camping with a friend on this long weekend holiday and so once again it was a comedy of errors trying to get away.  Did we go from the sublime to the ridiculous, or the ridiculous to the sublime, or is the entire concept of us trying to go somewhere and act like normal people in the process completely impossible??!!???

He very carefully set his watch alarm the night before, adding in a few extra minutes of awake time for me so that I would be ready to drive him across the city to meet up with the one friend he has around here who is available to camp out in the bush.  I watched him set his alarm.  I knew he had done it properly.

HOWEVER.......he came rip roaring into my room the next morning a good half hour after his alarm was supposed to have rung.  It hadn't rung.  It hadn't buzzed.  It hadn't spasm'd and fallen onto the bed, nor shouted, nor played music, nor flashed bright lights, nor poured a bucket of water over his head, nor done anything else to wake him up at the required set time of 7am.

Since we had to leave for the rendezvous point less than 20 minutes after he so unceremoniously shook me awake, the race was on to be ready to go on time.  I have nearly zero memory of preparing myself to dress and drive him to his appointed meeting place, of getting him a breakfast of hearty protein, of helping pack his gear into the trunk of the car.  I don't remember the last time I moved that quickly.  Not that I remember much at all about that frantic 20 minutes..............

What I DO remember is my last run inside to grab the final pack of camp food and looking down at my wristwatch for the first time since arising that morning.  I was so pleased to see that it said the time was 7:57am, and we would be all ready to leave on time, at 8am, as planned!!!!

Oh, hey.....wait just a second while I check my wristwatch once again.....ummm, it actually says 6:57.  Let me just check that time with the clock on the, the one that also says 6:57.  O husband...................O hubby mine.......O dearest.....HEY YOU!!!!  Have you looked at all these clocks that say it is a whole hour earlier than what you told me when you so rudely woke me up from one of my rare deep sleeps????" I SAID," HAVE YOU LOOKED AT ALL THESE CLOCKS THAT SAY IT IS A WHOLE HOUR EARLIER THAN WHAT YOU TOLD ME WHEN YOU SO RUDELY AWAKENED ME FROM ONE OF MY RARE DEEP SLEEPS?  WEEEEEELLLLLLL??  HAAAAVE YOOOOU??"

From the look on his shocked face I realized my husband had no more clue as to the actual time of day than I had had before looking at the house clocks to confirm the time on my wristwatch.  Turns out he had managed somehow, between setting the alarm and waking up in the morning, to press the button that changed his watch time to the stopwatch time he had preset months ago for another event.  Sigh.........the stopwatch time is the time he saw when he woke up with a start so very early in the morning.

BUT at least we were ready to leave on time........for a change.....for a huge change. We even had time to have breakfast...........again...........

We beat our friend to the rendezvous site by 20 minutes.

Mark is a first........and probably an only.

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chris e. said...

How did your husband manage to reprogramme ANYTHING on his watch without the manual???
FYI...The manual for mine takes up more room in the jewelry box than the watch itself!