Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Pastor on the Getaway Trail

Who knew a simple trip to the city for a required week of study could turn out to be so complicated??? Just getting on the road took us 2 hours longer than anticipated!! (our son will wonder why this is news, but we truly were ready to leave on time......or at least we would have been, but..........)

An hour prior to our scheduled departure time, as we were congratulating ourselves that for once we would actually be able to leave earlier than planned, the phone rang. Anyone married to a pastor knows that you do not answer the phone at all any day you are trying to get out of town.  It is cardinal rule #1 for pastors' spouses.

Today I broke that rule!  My bad........... It was a parishioner.  She sounded rather frantic.  She was calling from the nursing home to let my husband know that the pastor he had arranged with to take the communion service today had not arrived. Close to 30 very elderly and infirm residents had been wheeled to the meeting room and were ready to mutiny if they couldn't have their Communion service.  4 staff were also ready to mutiny considering the time and effort taken to transport so many from their rooms to the service.  Please, please could my husband come to do the service?? So, as a faithful and loving pastor person, what do you do?  You get dressed in all your clergy gear,  pack up all the wafers, glasses and wine required for Eucharist, corral your spouse into hiking her nightgown up over her ankles and whip out to the garage to operate the doors so you don't have to brave the mud around the place that arrived after the previous night's worst rain storm of the season and away you go to the nursing home.

My husband is just such a faithful and loving pastor person.........

While he was gone I thought I would help make up some of the lost time by getting dressed and whipping up the street to the bank, instead of doing it on the way out of town later. When I got there a problem was discovered with our account, a bank error of some kind, and I barely got home in time to meet my husband as he returned from the Eucharist.

Okay, attempt number 2!  We were doing well again and only a half hour late despite the unexpected extra activity.  All the Eucharist supplies were unloaded back in the church and my husband was back in his civvies.  And then.....

I broke cardinal rule not check emails before turning off the computer when leaving on a trip away.  I checked..........bad, bad Suzie!

Short version is that we ended up making a second trip to the bank over another issue that could really have waited until we got home, but...since I found the email......and the writer of the email has one of those checker things that tells her the email has been opened......well....ya' know....

At this point we were just over an hour late getting away.

And then I realized I was supposed to give some beautiful roses from inside our house to our neighbour to enjoy in our absence. You don't promise a 93 year old lady flowers and then not show up with them.  You just don't!  Back to the house to get them for her. When I finally arrived with them she had company.  Nothing would do but for me to stay to meet her friends and hear each of their life stories. Yes, they were lovely people with interesting stories, but.......

I finally extricated myself and raced out to our car and my exhausted husband.  Finally we were ready to drive out of town.....until my husband announced he had forgotten to eat any breakfast and it was now after 12 noon.  Sigh...........

40 minutes later, tummies filled to the button popping point, we made our final attempt to get out of town.  This time it successful.  We made it.  Only just over 2 hours late.

Okay, okay, I cannot tell a lie. It wasn't entirely successful.  We didn't quite make it.

As we were getting away I realized I was wearing my bedroom slippers.  Yeah............bedroom slippers.............

BUT thank goodness for slippers that needed changing!  When I went back into the house to change them for shoes I noticed I had forgotten my toothbrush.  I noticed my husband had left the church office door hanging open.  I noticed we were now about 3 hours late getting away.

The early departure over which we had rejoiced so heartily turned into a frenzied disaster of lateness and exhausted us so totally that we changed drivers about every 20 minutes during the drive in an attempt to stay awake.

Guess we will be getting to the university library somewhat late in the morning.  After today's racing madly about we ARE going to be sleeping in tomorrow!


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