Wednesday, August 22, 2012

And Away We Go

(I always want to add "with a Bo Dee O Do" after that phrase, like when we were kids! haha)

The canoeist arrived home late last night, all brown tanned, covered in huge scratches from a losing battle with a pine tree on a portage, grinning, filled with excitement about the things seen, the activities accomplished.  Apparently the younger guides were suitably impressed with the fitness of both their old fogey clients and upgraded the route so they could canoe some rapids after all.  

Since the route takes place in Canadian Shield there are huge granite rocks shooting out of the Churchill River where the guys could beach the canoes and go jumping into the river for a swim.

An added joy was taking time to visit Stanley Mission, the oldest church in the western shield.  It was built in 1852 I believe.  My husband's uncle used to be a teacher in that area and he had never had the chance to visit the man there, but at least now he has seen the area. 

The expression "happy camper" certainly applies to my husband after this trip.  He said he didn't think about anything related to home, family or work once he got out in that canoe and is feeling so refreshed.

And now we hit the road to go and see to his mom.  2 nights ago it appeared she was choosing to slip away and wouldn't live to see the morning. For the first time she didn't recognize her long time faithful companion and we were certain she was leaving us.  However an infection in her system was discovered, is now being treated and she has responded well.  We still don't know that she will last the 2 or 3 months needed to move her into a nursing home, but for now it appears she has rallied sufficiently for us all to see her over the next few days. 

This will be the toughest trip we have had since my husband flew home from Tokyo 11 years ago when his father passed away. We are so grateful our son can fly out to join us and see his grandmother.  He will be a great moral support to his father.

I hope we can relax enough to enjoy the drive through the mountains.  It has been several years now since I have had the pleasure of that gorgeous trip through the Rogers Pass.  Hopefully it won't be spoiled by an overabundance of summer holiday traffic, but even if there are a ton of holiday'ers on the road the scenery is spectacular and perhaps all the traffic will force us to slow down long enough to get a chance to enjoy it in passing. 

Don't know when I will get a chance to blog again but no doubt, despite the sadness concerning my husband's mother, there will be other, cheerier adventures as well to write about in a few days.

Chat soon.........

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