Thursday, August 9, 2012

Back Home with a Yen for Japan

Absolutely exhausted after our week away, partly due to the intense heat that seems to bother me more each year.  Feeling zapped and not particularly creative these days, so, after visiting a particularly wonderful sushi restaurant a few days ago, I have decided to start posting some of my letters home from when I was in Japan 10 years ago.  I am no Dave Barry, but I did find some great humour in many of the things that happened while I was there.  The letters require a ton of editing, but I am looking forward to posting at least some of my favourite experiences over the next few weeks, interspersed of course with posts containing the usual boring details of my increasingly sedentary life.

Stay tuned..........

 Good night for now and sayonara......oooh, I remembered a Japanese word...yay me!

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