Friday, August 31, 2012

Draggin' Our Posteriors

We are all exhausted tonight.  Mom has finally slipped into a coma and we will likely get bad news later tonight or early in the morning......bad news for those of us who will miss her so much but good news for Mom as her pain will be ended at last.  The boy flew home tonight to get to work tomorrow and was able to say his goodbyes before Mom started to truly slip away.  

We got the final clean out of the apt. completed and the keys returned. It felt so odd to be leaving the building for the last time.  Odd is such a descriptive word for one so tiny.  Everything about life feels odd right now.  What will we all do when we leave this time warp and have to rejoin the daily schedules in our lives?  How will we cope with it after this week of alternate reality?

This is the first night my husband had to admit how tired he is and what an emotional basket case he has become this week, so he is not staying with Mom tonight.  She doesn't know him any more, she isn't conscious at all now and he needs some rest, at least as much as he will be able to get, in another place tonight.  He is here with me for the night, but I assured him that if he wakes up at any time during the wee hours of the morning and feels compelled to return to the hospice he is to do so.  

Wish we could better enjoy the lovely room we are in tonight but it somehow doesn't matter right now to either of us.  It is a bed that is not in the hospice.  Beyond that we could be staying anywhere. 


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