Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My Man Superman

My husband is one of those people I admire greatly for his ability to do almost anything.  Growing up on a subsistence farm with two parents who had to be incredibly inventive so the family wouldn't starve had quite an impact on him.  He grew up with two practical and creative role models and it has served him well all his life.

He is a fine wood craftsman and carpenter, a scholar, a priest, a teacher, a mountain climber and outdoor sports enthusiast, a farmer, a rider of horses and milker of cows, a master cook, a quilter, a repairer of all things electrical and mechanical and does plumbing as well, a gardener and a terrific seamstress.  Just this evening he hauled out the sewing machine and opened up the back of an outgrown sports vest (yes, he is a good eater too in his old age, teehee) and expanded it two sizes with some new material, as well as spent some time creating a mattress cover out of an old sheet.  Then he sewed up a new fly for his tent after he patched some holes in it. His gifts and abilities are endless and I feel completely stupid and useless in comparison.  My own gifts are limited at this point to discovering bad restaurants and watching tv without falling off the couch!

BUT there is one thing my dear amazing spectacular husband cannot do.

He cannot sing.

He cannot carry a tune in a bucket.

To this one disability I cling...........teehee  

Congratulations to my wonderful husband! I would be completely lost without you. 


bullwinkle said...

God did say make a joyful noise, he
did not say there was a need to be in tune!

Susan said...

Yeah, I always did like that interpretation....hahahaha