Monday, August 13, 2012

My Own Personal Meals on Wheels

After an exhausting, but in a nice way, morning, I am within sight of completing the 23 cartons of food I am preparing to take to my parents when next I head that way.  My parents are in that terrible limbo stage that most seniors face at some point:  the phase where they are not really ready to go to a seniors' villa for assisted living with meals, but not really up to cooking decently for themselves any more.

Hence: Meals on Wheels Suzy Style!  My parents are not yet ready to sit at home 3 or more mornings a week awaiting the delivery of prepared foods.  The Meals on Wheels organization has done an amazing job preparing excellent meals for seniors and others who require the assistance but my parents are not yet on their schedule as they are away from home too much just yet.

By the time I am done tomorrow I will have completed the following items and put them into individual sized serving cartons for mix and match:
-vegetable soup x2
-white rice
-brown rice
-spaghetti noodles
-spaghetti sauce
-stir fried chicken and veggies
-oriental chicken meat balls
-beef meatballs in tomato sauce
-pork tenderloin strips
-pork tenderloin apple/maple slices
-blueberry salmon filets
-lemon dill salmon filets
-tilapia filets
-baked chicken breasts
-spaghetti squash with beef and onions
-Indian herb cabbage and carrot strips
-dill carrots and zucchini
-chicken rice casserole
-tuna casserole
-maple sugar carrots
-cauliflower and red peppers
-green beans and almonds

I am having so much fun, AND it has forced me to clean out the refrigerator freezer in order to ensure I can get all these cartons in there until I go to visit my parents again in a couple of weeks.  I think they will have a hoot going through all the cartons and deciding what they want to have each day.  After all they have done for me over the years it is the least I can do with the geographical distance between us to contend with. 

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