Tuesday, August 14, 2012

One Small Decision and 'Bye 'Bye Stress

Today I had to do a bit of soul searching.  My husband is heading north on a week long canoe trip and for once I was to have the car while he is away.  But I have not been at peace about this aspect of the trip.  It is a long drive for me to take him to the nearest city to meet up with his other canoeing buddies there so they can head north together.  I would have to figure out how to get across the city to the home of one of the guys and how to return to the highway from there. Then I would have to come back on my own the following week, to repeat the procedure after the canoe trip ends:  a waste of 2 precious days I was looking forward to having on my own so that catching up on yard work and housework would not be a frantic rush while trying to find time to be alone for resting and reading before some company comes to visit me for a couple of days.

This morning as I went about doing my shopping and other house chores I realized that I truly don't need the car for that week. Anything I really need to do in town is accessible on foot to the downtown.  

If I had the car what would I do with it?

I know what I would do with it.  I would leave it sitting in the garage most of the week.  It would come out only if I had a sudden urge for a trip down the highway strip to the fast food places, where I would be tempted to eat something that would make me sick.  Or else it would come out in a moment of boredom, to transport me on a whim to the one larger store on the edge of town where I would make mindless and unnecessary purchases, filling that empty internal space that could be better filled by prayer and study.

So, I came home and told my husband the car is his.  It relieves him of the stress of wondering all week if I arrived home safely after dropping him off.  The highway to the city is a 2 lane nightmare of semi rigs and camper trailers and RVs, bumper to bumper and with a high ratio of accidents due to driver frustration.   It relieves us both of the worry of me falling asleep behind the wheel, my newest trick in my old age.  It gives the canoeists a second option for vehicle travel up north, and if nothing else an extra car trunk in which to leave gear they decide not to take with them after all.  It relieves me from the stress of pathfinding through a city I really don't know as well as I should know it after nearly 3 years of living in the area. I dislike this city and have only gone there for medical purposes in all that time.

We save having to pay for a couple of extra tanks of gasoline if I don't have to make a double trip to the city and back....money that can go toward gasoline for our holiday west after the canoe trip....the holiday to see My Son!

All in all, one small decision has relieved a ton of stress.  I feel better now.   

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