Friday, August 24, 2012

Snow Capped Mountains

We got quite a surprise today driving through the good old Rockies on our way west:  the peaks were all covered with fresh snow, and not just a bit of a sprinkling either!  There is REAL snow up there all ready!  More evidence of an early winter to come......

Had our first visit with Mom today.  Her voice is weaker and her body a bit more emaciated than last time, but she was lucid and introducing us to one of the nurses who care for her 24 hours a day.  She is receiving wonderful care.  We robed and gloved so were able to hold her hands and stroke her arms.  She was delighted to see us and is so happy her grandson is flying in tomorrow and her daughter on Sunday.  We will see if she continues to hang onto life on earth once we all return home or if she gives herself permission to go.

We found a wonderful restaurant for salads on our trip today in the town of Golden, and tonight we ate far too much excellent Indian food.  My husband is more familiar with this city than I am and knows a few very decent eating establishments, so we are overstuffed and returning to salads tomorrow.

The drive through the mountains was about perfect:  a little sun, a little rain, very little traffic for this time of year.  A small mountain sheep standing in the middle of the highway in Rogers Pass made for some good wildlife gawking and a fast hit to the brakes!!

The hotel is lovely with a complete kitchen, although it is going to be noisy tonight I am guessing as it is a huge place and every room is filled for the weekend.  I know it will be quieter for us in a couple of days when we move over to the guest suites at Mom's soon to be former residence.

So we will pick up the boy from the airport in the morning and then go and meet with Mom's boyfriend so we can plan a visiting schedule that doesn't wear her out.

It is going to be an interesting week visiting not only with Mom but now also with several other elderly rels in various stages of disease and decay, who live in the area.......I am likely going to be incredibly depressed by the time we get home.......

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