Sunday, August 26, 2012

Some Things Do Not Change No Matter the State of Mind and Body

We don't know mom's medical status yet today as we head over to see her, but it is plain to see that she is losing ground more each day.  36 hours or so ago she had another stroke that left her completely confused all day yesterday and robbed her of even more movement on her left side.

However, it seems some things don't change even when the mind is inhabiting a different plane than the body.  The nurses told my husband last evening that all day mom was talking about and fretting about 2 subjects that she has regularly talked and fretted about in the years I have known her:  where is everyone going to spend Christmas and when is she going to get some beer??? 

With my family determined to have the winter holiday plans signed, sealed and delivered by mid September each year and my husband's family unable to decide who would go where and even whether or not there would be a family Christmas celebration, sometimes not deciding for certain until mid December, it made for a bit of stress each year for our little family caught in the middle.  

But one thing was for certain whenever we found ourselves visiting my husband's family during any  holiday time:  mom would be very content to end a meal with a large dish of iced cream and a pint of  beer.  Iced cream and beer were a ritual of far more importance that Christmas trees or gifts or other holiday related activities. We never ceased to enjoy watching mom tuck into a large bowl of vanilla iced cream as her pleasure in it was so infectious.

When she would head east to visit us in our home, iced cream and beer were her first requests and always when she asked for them it was with a twinkle in her eyes.  We could tease her unmercifully about these particular culinary choices and she would always respond with a sarcastic comment back.  Mom always gave as good as she got when she was teased and it seemed the teasing was a great part of the ritual.  

There is nothing I would delight in more right now than to slip over to the hospital with a dixie cup of vanilla iced cream and a few sips of beer to brighten her day and cheer her spirits.  Wonder if I could slip a non-alcoholic "near beer" past the 24 hour care nurse......???  


bullwinkle said...

Heck, there hasta' be some way to get that little joy into her....

Susan said...

A way was found last evening!! Mom was obviously pleased! teehee....

bullwinkle said...

Excellent!! :)
A little Ice cream and a little
beer isn't going to hurt at this stage.

Penny said...

glad to hear that a treat was brought it....she is at a stage where she should have these to just give her something to be happy about!

bullwinkle said...

Dell's mom can have my share of
beer and ice cream - Can't eat dairy,
don't like beer - so - sneak her in
some more!

Susan said...

She is well fixed now for beer and it is very easy now to swab her mouth as we were able to get some unflavoured swab stick and dip it in the beer. She was quite perky for awhile today at swab time. haha It is so cute.