Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Age Old Gastronomic Question: Where is There to Eat in This Town??

Our first week in Kelowna has been enlightening!  We have never spent more than a couple of days here in a row in our lives, as we are usually cruising through for a quick visit with the rels and then on to the west coast.

Usually we have no trouble locating ethnic and otherwise interesting cuisine in places that are new to us, but we have struggled mightily since arriving here!  Chutney's is one of the nicest Indian restaurants we have been to in a very long time, Ume is wonderful for Japanese food and I have mentioned them previously.  As of yesterday we can add Marmalade Cat Cafe for wonderful organic breakfast foods and The Bohemian Bistro for very expensive sandwiches and wraps that are worth every penny. I had no idea a simple chicken salad sandwich could be so thick with filling and tomatoes and cucumbers and and and and........the side cup of broccoli salad with pine nuts was so delicious.

Now if we can just find a late night restaurant that is NOT Boston Pizza or Montanas or some other form of fancy-ized fast food.  Quite a shocker that it is so difficult to find such a place.  If we wanted to spend hundreds of dollars on dinner each evening there are a few places open but for decent affordable food after 9pm the choices are limited to non-existent.

Kelowna has been a disappointing experience in many ways, lovely as it is, and it is doubtful we will ever return here for a visit.  We are not boat folk and that is probably our biggest problem with finding things to interest us here. Saw a couple of movies at the theatres and that was fun because we so rarely go to a movie together.  Usually we watch arts films with our son as there are few Hollywood style flicks that interest him.  (or us if we are being honest)

It is after 8pm once again here and no dinner has happened as yet.  Time to head out.  Perhaps the Pheasant and Quail Pub would be adequate this evening.  I want to get with it and get some dinner in my tummy before we tie into a wonderful Rico Suter Pinotage the boy has been saving to have with us before he flies home tomorrow evening.  This time it seems we have brought our cultural preferences with a lovely dark green bottle! 

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