Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Salvation of the Western Prairie Restaurant

And that salvation is.....drum roll please.....frozen, bagged, mixed vegetables!!

This past week we have enjoyed a few restaurant meals in some establishments we have not eaten in previously.  While this is a small city it does have a variety of ethnic venues that we decided to try, and the Greek experiment was the best of the bunch thus far.  The reason:  nary a frozen, bagged, mixed veggie anywhere on my plate!

The Indian food we ordered the other day had amazing curry sauces, almost unbelievably delicious.  Those wonderful sauces were wrapped around frozen, bagged, mixed vegetables:  green beans, corn niblets, diced carrots, lima beans and peas.  The sauce was so amazing that we forgave the restaurant for the "cheat" on the vegetables. 

Last night we tried an English style beef pie. The crust was just right, thinly rolled, not tasting only of lard and salt.  It was loaded with large chunks of tender steak, tasty gravy AND, ta da, frozen, bagged, mixed green beans, corn niblets, diced carrots, lima beans and peas.

At least we can say we have been getting some vegetables into our diet one way or another: decimated, soggy, re-hydrated, frozen, bagged, mixed green beans, corn niblets, diced carrots, lima beans and peas.

So as far as veggie intake these are better than no veggies at all.

Right?  Well........

I am still in awe of where we ate lunch the other day as far as the condition of their vegetables, and I am talking about REAL vegetables.  I am plugging the veggies at Swiss Chalet.  Forget their dipping sauces and the chicken meals they are so famous for on the chain meal circuit.  Go in there some time and order just a plate of their daily fresh vegetable mix.  The broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, red onions and diced peppers were cooked perfectly, no soggy over cooked mush.  They were still just slightly crunchy despite being cooked through.  Delicious!

Swiss Chalet veggies.....who'd a thunk it?

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chris e. said...

Good veggies at Swiss Chalet??? I ate there--once. A good 25 years have passed and i still can't get past seeing the waitress kicking a whole cooked chicken down the aisle between the tables. What was that about? Customers told her to return it to the kitchen? A boo-boo during serving?
If they've gone vegetarian, that might actually get me back through the door!