Thursday, August 23, 2012

There Ought'a Be a Law....Wait a Minute, There IS a Law!

I have to confess there is one thing about small prairie towns that annoys me more than anything else:  the lack of enforcement of early morning noise bylaws, particularly as related to construction noise. In 2 of our previous towns the bylaw was never enforced no matter who called in the complaint and I am so disappointed to be in yet another town with this problem.
This morning I was awakened well before 5am to the sounds of metal pipes or metal roofing slats being dropped and dragged across pavement, as well as a sound that puts me in mind of a back hoe pushing through mounds of shattered glass. The noise has been accompanied by a fair number of hollering male voices.  It is now 7am and the sounds have not abated.  In other words, on a day when I have to be travelling for long hours, I have not had sleep sufficient to support long hours on the road.

Not sleeping does not contribute to a feeling of serenity.  It does not leave me kindly disposed toward whoever is making that horrendous noise, nor toward the local police force who did not answer my phone in to complain with so much as a recording.

Not sleeping leaves me intensely irritated, jumpy, crabby and nasty, as well as nauseated and shaky inside and out.

I suppose I could have really become irate and taken my life in my hands by driving around town until locating the offenders and giving them a piece of my mind.....yeah, that would have worked....pajama clad old woman races to construction workers or truckers or railway crew or whoever is making said noise, and demands they stop work until the end of the nightly noise curfew so she can return home and get some sleep.  O the world of small town macho prairie males that would work fer 'sure!!  NOT!! Even if I was a man I doubt I would get any action short of threats to get lost or else, at worst, or a ton of laughter at best.  

There is still an hour before the nightly noise curfew ends.  I suppose I could continue in my quest to contact law enforcement on principle, even if there is now no time to get a decent sleep before having to take off for my trip.  But I am severely hampered by what I call my non-directional hearing.

Yup, I can't tell what direction noises are coming from when there is a distance of more than about 20 feet involved.  I wouldn't actually be able to report to the police where the noise is coming from.  It could be from a roofing crew down the street to the east, or from the railway crew at the tracks to the south, or from one of the many industrial businesses or the town landfill site to the north and west.  It could be coming from 6 blocks away or two miles away. Sigh........

I hope my husband slept well last night because he has a slew of miles to drive today while I sit beside him in a stupor.  Days that start off so wretchedly for me are difficult to recover from.  Travelling to see dying relatives is stressful enough without a complete lack of sleep just as we get into the trip.

Well, at least the sun is all ready shining brightly and the weather forecast is great for the entire week ahead everywhere that we are travelling.  Maybe, just maybe, tonight I will get some sleep.

I have another reason to rejoice:  yesterday in a small town up the road from here the noise bylaw WAS enforced against a construction crew...maybe there is hope for our town as well!

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