Friday, November 23, 2012

God Gets No Credit For His Own Decisions From His Own People

The results of the voting are in on the ordination of women as bishops in the Church of England.  Short version is that the result of the vote was "no"...for now.  Obviously for the many voters in favour of ordaining women bishops it was disappointing, but o dear me........the mudslinging, the whining, the wingeing, the slanderous comments about those who voted against the motion.  I have spent several days reading reactionary comments from those who did not get their way in this vote.  

Once again claimants to be followers of Jesus have embarrassed him and themselves. Once again we get to look like complete idiots in the eyes of the rest of the world. There was a tremendous amount of discussion, prayers......years and years worth in fact.....before this vote was taken.  Due democratic process was followed.  The result was announced.

And then all hell broke loose.

Well, the reaction is not heavenly, so............

Apparently God has no part in these election results.  Obviously he doesn't in the minds of some of the more vocal detractors of the voting results.  So if God isn't able to do his will through the discussion, prayers and voting procedures why bother to claim to be his follower, why bother to entrench yourself in a faith and practise based on his omnipotence and omniscience? A God who doesn't instantly kowtow to the culture of the times....well, of all the nerve!

Claiming to be a disciple of a trustworthy God and then freaking out when he doesn't do what you want him to do is pretty hypocritical.  This is a good lesson to myself to step back and think before reacting when I don't get the answer I think is right/necessary/righteous/culturally appealing to my own prayer requests.

Look and learn, watch and listen......these are great little adages to apply to myself as I read so many ugly responses to the CoE vote on ordination of women bishops.  

Lord preserve me from public kneejerk reactions that bring embarrassment to you and to the rest of your people...reactions that display my own human tendency toward hypocrisy.  

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chris e. said...

Good point that the voters were praying people!
It does raise a question though...doesn't God care people might not friend Him on Facebook???