Monday, December 31, 2012

A Broken Tooth....Drat!!

A few weeks ago one of my molars broke.  There has been no pain so I didn't worry about it as there are too many other stresses going on in life right now.  The crown of the poor tooth was hollowed out 40 years ago, stuffed with filling and then held in place by a wee metal pin.  Last year the pin came out so I knew it was only a matter of time before something would have to be done.  It has lasted in that state for most of a year until the one half broke off last month.  

Last night the pain started and it was a rough night with painkillers and heat packs and cold packs, so I called a dental clinic this morning and left a message.  They reopen post holidays 3 days from now so I pray I can manage to eat between now and then.  The pain is my own fault. I should have made an appointment as soon as it broke.  It has been over 15 years since I could afford to go to any dentist for any procedure and my husband's dental plan doesn't cover much for someone with such a disaster for teeth, but at least I should be able to have the tooth extracted if the root is also rotted, or maybe even crowned if the root is worth saving.  One way or another it has to be dealt with....soon....

I am not dreading the pain of the dental procedure.  I am not dreading the cost, tempting as it is to dread that little problem.

What I am dreading is the verbal drubbing I am going to take from whichever dentist ends up dealing with the tooth.  How do you explain to a financially secure professional person the financial disasters of your own life that have meant having chronically bad teeth and no dental work for so many years?  The dentist has no time to listen to the details and no interest either.  In this age of cosmetic dentistry how do you make the dentist understand you can only afford, barely, to do the least of the least for your teeth?  

Sigh........I am praying hard for relief of the pain while awaiting a call from the dentist later this week and praying harder for a dentist who can take my teeth as they are, understanding that sometimes the perfect cosmetic dental treatment is not possible for everyone, even those with basic dental plans.

Two gals from our church family work at this clinic and perhaps their presence in the building will be comforting.......after I get over the embarrassment of them seeing my dental records......sigh......

See what dental pain does?  It causes irrational embarrassment over something I can't help.  haha  There, something to laugh about today: uncalled for concern about the opinion of 2 lovely parishioners over the state of their priest's wife's teeth!!  Yay, I knew there was something good about this whole mess. If you look hard enough there is always something laughable to focus on.

Also this tooth pain means I get to live this week on yogurt and cheese and calcium filled soft foods that I truly enjoy eating.  Hmmm.....maybe I could splurge and find some 2.5% BF yogurt....gotta keep my strength up, right? 0%BF yogurt wouldn't do that, right?  heeheehee


bullwinkle said...

I know how I would answer
a dentist with a superiority

Hey, look, I've been so broke
until lately, I haven't been
able to afford a pot to pee in...
So fix the tooth please and spare
me the lectures. (I probably
wouldn't say it in that tone
because it would possibly get
me kicked out of the office,
but hey...)

Susan said...

I had a scam artist as a dentist as a young child, then an old horse doctor type who didn't believe in freezing, even when he performed dental surgery on me at age about being terrorized as a kid. Then my next dentist was fantastic and then the next dentist liked to yell at people about their flossing habits so I had it out with him very first visit and he was wonderful to me after that. He retired well over a decade ago and that was the end of my dental visits. I can only pray I get a non-yeller this time around. I am too tired to train another one not to holler.

bullwinkle said...

I was always scared of dentists
until the one I have now, no
lectures, and good with pain, there
is the occasional ouch, but that is
to be expected.

Both of us had his partner
and one of his assistants
instead one time.

Never again. :(

Since then we always make sure to
book our usual instead of the
partner/Butch assistant.