Monday, December 3, 2012

A Forecast for a Colder Week. YIPPEE!!!

According to the local weather forecast, which has been surprisingly accurate of late, the colder air we have had the past 2 days is to stick around for the rest of the week.  Thank goodness!!  If the temperature can stay colder than -10C we won't have any more snow and we will be able to have a safe drive to Regina on the weekend for the Episcopal election.  The hotel room is booked.....AGAIN....Take Two!!

I was hoping to wash the car today after my morning errands.  It is covered with black mud after our several forays onto the highways over the weekend.  But the temperature is just too cold.  The sunny sky, an attractive early winter blue, makes everything look so warm and cheery outside, but it is incredibly chilly.  Just walking a block downtown left my ears tingling with cold.  Since I have spent enough time in the winters holding my car key into the flame on my lighter to unfreeze the door locking mechanism after a car washing in this kind of cold, I decided today to forego the pleasure.

Travel is still not recommended on the area highways after a small storm last night that left us without power for a couple of hours.......without power but not powerless because my husband has me well trained to keep the batteries current in our flashlights and to have candles in brass holders in each bedroom with a supply of matches beside them.  I sat in the kitchen reading a book quite happily with the candles burning around me to light up the pages. It was kind of a cozy evening....when I wasn't worried about how my husband was going to get home from a special Taize music service 60km away.  So thankful he travelled with the local Roman Catholic priest who has a marvellous little 4WD that was quite handy to break through the deep drifts on the road after the service.

So while I still detest winter, I am glad this week for the cold air.  If we can get to the weekend without any more snow or freezing rain it will be a wonderful thing indeed.

And when we reach our several weeks of -30C to -40C by the first week of January, please feel free to remind me of how excited I am about the cold air!

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