Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Prairie Sit-Com Situation

I doubt there is anywhere else in the world like our little "neck of the woods" out here on the prairies.  Sometimes situations arise that are so ludicrous as to be almost unbelievable to me.  One of those situations occurred this morning.

A fellow we know in the area who lives about 50 km from our town comes annually to our church service on the first Sunday of Advent.  Ergo, he was in attendance this morning.  He is a fascinating person who is very interested in the arts and lives in a big old historic house filled top to bottom, stem to stern, pillar to post with amazing antiques.  He is one of my favourite  characters in this area of the world.

Today after church he was unable to stay for his annual post service coffee visit.


Because he had to leave church in time to swing past one of the local Hutterite colonies to sneak 3 of the young men off the colony grounds and spirit them away to another town to take in a dinner theatre performance!!!  Just hoping he and they won't be caught by the elders of the colony.  Dinner theatres would be, I assume, verboten for a number of worldly reasons.

Can you believe that?

Think of the jokes you could tell that could start with, "Hey, did you hear the one about the 3 Hutterites who went to the dinner theatre??"

Nearly every day recently my very urban sensibilities have been stood on their collective heads by situations and people around here I have never before encountered.

It is The Spice of Life in spades! 

I love it!


bullwinkle said...

Why do I have this picture of three
young 'uns in cheap trench coats
with the collars turned up, sneaking
into the theatre coming to mind? :)

Susan said...

Yeah....but also with fedoras politely held in their hands....

bullwinkle said...

The Fedoras politely held in their hands
would give away the haircuts. ;)

Susan said...

Awwwww, shucky darn I plumb fergot about that!

bullwinkle said...

Actually, come to think of it, polite
ANYTHING would give them away. ;)

Susan said...

I know! Our Hutterites are so polite here, particularly the younger ones. Some of the younger girls came to clean our house here before we moved into it and they were so sweet. Have had some great visits with the people of my own generation at the produce market over the summers here. No one here has gardens because we have amazing produce from our colonies. I have never had so many chances to learn about their way of life and have been enjoying it a lot.